However frightening the tyrannosaurus rex looked, it was not very fast, conclude researchers from Naturalis, VU University Amsterdam (VU) and Utrecht University.

The dinosaur walked the earth at a speed of about 2.9 miles per hour - about the same speed as humans.

According to the researchers, the animal walked slower than previously thought.

In contrast to previous studies, the tail of the tyrannosaurus rex was included in this study in determining the pace.

The researchers determined what must have been the most comfortable walking pace for the tyrannosaurus rex.

This so-called 'preferred speed' is the rate at which an animal consumed as little energy as possible.

The tyrannosaurus rex walked on two legs and had an enormous tail.

Previous research into the walking pace of the extinct animal, according to VU student Pasha van Bijlert, often only looked at the legs, while the tail makes the walking of the dinosaurs unique.

Van Bijlert and his supervisors built a three-dimensional model of the female tyrannosaurus rex that can be found in Naturalis: Trix.

They added digital muscle: almost 1 ton in weight for the tail.

The analysis showed the running speed of 4.6 kilometers per hour.

Including the tail in the model, according to Van Bijlert, resulted in a lower walking speed in his study than in previous studies.

The results of the study have been published in the scientific journal

Royal Society Open Science


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