Last year, the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (CRM) received a record number of requests to pass judgment on a situation in which someone thought there was discrimination,


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The number of reports of racism also increased sharply.

The college received 638 requests to rule on a situation, almost a hundred more than in 2019. Most questions came from people who felt discriminated against because of their disability, the newspaper writes.

The increase can be further explained by demonstrations by the Black Lives Matter movement and the unfair treatment of Asian Dutch people at the start of the corona crisis.

For example, the song

Prevention is better than Chinese

from Radio 10 caused no fewer than eighteen reports.

The CRM sees current themes more often in the reports, explains chair Adriana van Dooijeweert in



"If a particular theme is alive, we see that reflected in questions and reports, but also in concrete requests for a judgment. The question from society is very clear: do something about racism. We started working on that."

Last year, the corona crisis meant that many hearings had to be postponed.

The CRM came to an opinion in 124 situations last year.

In 40 percent of those cases, there was discrimination, the newspaper reports.

A judgment of the CRM is not binding.