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Few eases in nursing homes despite vaccinations

Few nursing homes have recently implemented eases, despite the high vaccination coverage.

The universities of Nijmegen and Maastricht report this on the basis of research at 76 nursing homes, which have been followed for almost a year.

In most care homes, at least 80 percent of the residents have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and about 60 to 70 percent of the staff. Despite this, many nursing home residents say that they are still struggling with loneliness, partly because so few visitors are welcome and there is little other social interaction. According to the researchers, some nursing homes only want to introduce more flexible rules if all residents have been fully vaccinated. Other care homes have not yet made a plan for this and some believe that the same rules should apply in the homes as in the rest of the country.

Professor of Elderly Care in Maastricht Jan Hamers thinks that the situation inside and outside nursing homes cannot be compared, however, and calls for relaxation.

"The vaccination coverage in society is much lower and nursing home residents do not usually go to an intensive care unit," said Hamers.

"I understand how difficult it is to take the first steps, but this is the moment when nursing homes can take the initiative to apply relaxation in consultation with residents, relatives and employees."

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India reports more than 2,000 deaths in 24 hours

India registered more than 2,000 new deaths from the corona pandemic on Wednesday. Nearly 300,000 new infections were also diagnosed in the Asian country, the highest daily rate since the pandemic began.

A day earlier, India reported the highest daily rate to date with 1,761 new deaths. A large part of the country is in a lockdown due to the many infections with the corona virus. The official death toll rose by 2,023 new deaths to 182,553.

In a speech to the people on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country with about 1.3 billion inhabitants is fighting another big fight.

"The situation was under control until a few weeks ago when the second corona wave came like a storm," said Modi.

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Ministers argue for full opening of secondary education after the May holiday

Pupils in secondary education should be able to go back to school in full after the May holiday. Ministers Wouter Koolmees (Social Affairs), Wopke Hoekstra (Finance) and Bas van 't Wout (Economic Affairs) contributed this to the Catshuis meeting on Sunday, according to released meeting documents on Wednesday.

High school students now receive physical education at least one day a week. According to the so-called socio-economic troika, they would be able to go back to school in full if the distance rule is abandoned there. The ministers point out that young people between the ages of 13 and 17 do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, except at school.

According to Koolmees, Hoekstra and Van 't Wout, the disadvantages that students are currently running can lead to permanent damage.

Students do not reach their level, and that ultimately has negative consequences for their job opportunities, productivity and income, and with it the economy.

"This leads to a structural GDP loss of 1.5 percent."

The cabinet has asked the OMT for advice, but thinks that it is still too early to release the 1.5 meters in secondary schools in mid-May.

According to the experts, this step is probably best in line with the relaxation that, according to the reopening plan, will not be on the table until the end of May.

"But much depends on to what extent and at what speed the number of infections will decrease," writes the OMT.

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No increase in the number of suicides during the corona

year Last year, 1,825 Dutch people took their own lives, an average of five per day.

That is about the same number of suicides as in 2019 and 2018, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports Wednesday.

It concerned 1,229 men and 596 women

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Mayor Breda did not expect a big fuss about the Radio 538 party

Mayor Paul Depla and the rest of the


college did not expect that there would be so much fuss about the Fieldlab experiment 538 Orange Day.

He said this on Tuesday evening during an extra council debate in which he had to account for the event.

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OMT warned cabinet: Extreme pressure on healthcare will now persist for longer.

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) strongly advised the outgoing cabinet to delay the relaxation of the corona measures.

In the advice published Tuesday evening, the experts explain that it is better to wait until the corona peak has definitely passed.

The sooner the easing is implemented, the slower the number of infections per week will fall, according to the experts.

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Negative coverage of Fieldlab events has surprised De Jonge

Outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge is surprised about the negative coverage of the various Fieldlab events.

According to De Jonge, these tests are precisely what the majority in the House of Representatives and in society want.

According to De Jonge, the various experiments and tests offer both the catering and theater sectors the opportunity to welcome double the number of people in the long run.

"Because we tried that out with those field labs. The residual risk is small enough to do that in a responsible manner."

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Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte does not think that the announced relaxation is a gamble.

He said that during a corona press conference on Tuesday.

According to Rutte, there is a stabilization in the number of hospital admissions.

Rutte: 'Relaxation is not a gamble, we see stabilization'

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