In addition to Olympians, a few groups will receive priority when receiving a corona vaccine, outgoing Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) wrote in a letter to the House on Tuesday.

This concerns approximately 13,000 persons who live in sheltered care in mental health care, 2,200 mental health care patients in small-scale housing initiatives, agents of the Mobile Unit (ME) and employees of embassies and Consulates General and their families.

It is not yet known when these groups can expect their first injection.

According to De Jonge, it is important to vaccinate ME people faster because any infections within that group can lead to capacity problems.

"With a view to the continuity of safety on the street, it is important that in the event of disruptions to public order, rapid and adequate action can be taken with sufficient staff."

Embassy employees and their families abroad are also given priority, because, according to the minister, they often live in countries with "major corona outbreaks and inadequate medical facilities".

As a result, there is no longer a safe working environment.

These people are likely to receive the Janssen vaccine.

It was announced on Tuesday that Olympic athletes could receive a corona vaccine earlier.

This would be a group of about 200 athletes who have already qualified for the Games in Japan this summer.

It is not yet known whether other groups will be injected later, now that other groups will have their turn earlier.

De Telegraaf

reported on Tuesday that 30,000 employees in youth care will no longer receive priority, while this was initially the intention.


Analysis: 'Opening plan cabinet recipe for disappointments'

The cabinet came up with a step-by-step plan on Tuesday

During the press conference on Tuesday, the cabinet came up with a step-by-step plan to reopen society again, but because there is still a lot of uncertainty, the dates on which are still uncertain.

Next Tuesday, the cabinet will take another decision about adjusting the measures.

Curfew may disappear on April 28.

The first step (very serious) is planned on that date.

From then on, the terraces could also open again and people could receive two instead of one visitor at home.

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