Several observations of wolves were made in the Helsinki-Vantaa border region early on Monday.

The situation has been calm since then, but not entirely devoid of observation.

At noon, the police were informed of a wolf sighting around Bemböle in Espoo, on the Pihlajarinne-Bemböle axis.

- It was still inside the perimeter.

Hopefully we can get over it, the Helsinki Police Command Center commented.

- No aggressive behavior was observed.

Immediately after sunrise, the police in Eastern Uusimaa received reports of a “juggling” wolf in Hiekkaharju and Koivukylänväylä in Vantaa.

Observations were made between 6.23 and 6.42.

According to the information of the Eastern Uusimaa police, the next observation was made on the Helsinki side of the municipal border in Suutarila.

Helsinki police confirmed that they had been informed of one sighting of “Northern Helsinki”.

The observation was an hour later than the observations of Vantaa's Hiekkaharju.

In the morning, the IS delivery also received information about the wolf sighting from Tammisto, which is west of the previous places and near the perimeter trio.

Saturday's wolf moved in western Helsinki in Pitäjänmäki's Tali and on the other side of the municipality's border in Espoo's Laajalahti.

The wolf observed on Saturday moved from Pitäjänmäki in the direction of Pajamäki. Photo: Timo Toivonen

In the morning, an IS reader found a half-eaten fox carcass with a severed spine in the fields of Haltiala near Helsinki.

There were fresh traces around the carcass.

IS showed pictures of the observation to Ilpo Kojola, Luke's large predator.

He estimates about 8 times the 6-cent marks are a little too small for wolf marks.

These traces, which are smaller than the wolf's tracks, were found near the half-fox of Haltiala.

Besides, the carcass is last winter, not fresh.

Kojola thinks that the fox in the Haltiala field may have been killed by a big dog, a previous wolf or lynx that was loose.

If the killer has been a lynx, the backbone of the fox, which has since become a public waste, has been crushed by another animal.

According to Kojola, the lynx does not have enough chewing force to break the fox.

The wolf would do it.

- The most biting force is glutton, it's quite a bone breaker, Kojola mentions.

Traces could, in principle, also be left by a golden cabbage instead of a slightly smaller dog.

The golden cabbage is a dog animal located halfway between a fox and a wolf and is currently spreading northwards on its own.

It has probably been found four times in Finland, last winter near Oulu.

- The northernmost observation is already from Norway on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, Kojola adds.

IS reported on the golden conquest of Finland five years ago.

As for Haltiala's fox half and gold cabbage, Kojola emphasizes that this is a mere game of thought, not even a slightly serious doubt.

- It's so rare we have.

The paw has short traces. Image: Reader's image