The British broadcaster BBC says on its website that it has complained about too much news on its TV channels about the death of the queen's wife, Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh died Friday at Windsor Castle at the age of 99.

The BBC has opened a website on its website for complaints about the amount of news coverage of Prince Philip’s death.

According to The Guardian, the BBC reduced its programming on its TV and radio channels and watched Queen Elizabeth's wife be remembered.

Among other things, the BBC aired a pre-recorded program on two channels of Philip's children who were reminiscent of his father.

In addition, popular programs on Friday night like EastEnders and MasterChef’s final episode were allowed to make room for Philip-related programs.

The women’s football match was also not shown.

Prince Philip was remembered on the famous whiteboard of Piccadilly Circus. Photo: Tayfun Salci / ZUMA / MVphotos

People have left flowers in front of Windsor Castle.

Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip died in the castle on Friday.Photo: Stephen Lock / ZUMA / MVphotos

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According to the newspaper, the BBC had long planned how to deal with Philip’s death.

The BBC had been criticized in 2002 for reporting on the Queen's death.

At the time, the company was criticized for not getting enough attention from the death of Queen Elizabeth’s mother.

Philip was honored with cannon shots on Saturday.

Cannon shots were fired 41 times per minute from 12 noon local time.

The shots were fired in London and Edinburgh, among others.

The British navy also fired shots of honor at sea in memory of the prince.

The prince served in the Navy during World War II.

The shots were shown live in the UK on TV.

41 cannon shots were fired in honor of Philip in London, among others. Photo: Reuters

An eight-day mourning period was declared for Britain on Friday.

Hovi has hoped that people will mourn Philip’s departure because of the coronavirus epidemic at home.

Philip’s funeral is also held in private in St. George’s Chapel and the public is not admitted.

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