Swedish ice hockey legend Andreas Bergwall, 46, trained himself for the rest of his life.

When the Corona Age began, Bergwall decided to embark on a training program known as “16 Weeks of Hell” and completed it before Midsummer.

He played ice hockey through the 2020-21 season in steel condition.

Now Bergwall presented his changed body to Aftonbladet with classic before and after pictures.

Before Bergwall, hit training has become familiar in Sweden, for example, because the old Finnish killer, ex-hockey player Anders “Masken” Carlsson, got into a wild stitch at the age of 60.

The program includes 16 weeks of training and eating in an extremely controlled manner.

The workout consists of 90 minutes of walks and weight training.

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    Anders “Masken” Carlsson went through a wild fitness regimen and lost almost 24 kilos

The results in the case of Bergwall were tough.

She lost 12 pounds, from 95 to 83.

At the time of weighing, the fat percentage was 9.5.

- It was damn hard.

My family thought I was angry at times.

There was a lot of training and it affected me significantly.

There were no ailments during the game season, although in the past my back has been sore at times.

I have never had such a trained feeling, Bergwall thanked Aftonbladet.

Bergwall has won seven World Cup gold and five Swedish championships in hockey.

He is still playing for AIK in Stockholm as a goalkeeper and has signed for the upcoming season.