The victims of the benefits affair must have been notified by the Tax and Customs Administration before 1 May.

Either they receive 30,000 euros in compensation, or their application is rejected after a so-called 'light test'.

According to outgoing State Secretary of Finance Alexandra van Huffelen, everything is on schedule.

In an interview with, lawyer Eva González Pérez, who started the affair, says she has great doubts about the course of events.

Parents are eligible for EUR 30,000.

Is that a logical amount?

"It's a magical number. I have no idea what it's based on. It would have been much better if they had looked at what people are entitled to on a case-by-case basis. Then you can properly determine the situation with a claims adjuster. The Ombudsman explains. Exactly how the government should deal with damage. It provides sixteen rules for this, that should be the guideline. These are individual cases, so treat them like that. "

Even if parents turn out to be entitled to less money afterwards, they can keep the amount.

What do you think of that?

"That's strange right, why is it like this? You have to know whether someone is entitled to that money or not. People should not be taken away from their rights if they do, but vice versa, people who are not entitled to it should not Can't get away with it. It's about doing justice to everyone's individual situation, isn't it? "

The 30,000 euros is intended for financial damage suffered.

Is that sufficient?

"It annoys me enormously that the direct material damage is now being looked at in particular. Immaterial damage is being compensated, but what about the years of discrimination? Will there be compensation for that?"

"Or the fact that people have been blacklisted, as a result of which they were labeled and treated as possible fraudsters. An additional compensation scheme is now being promised for this, but we do not yet know how or what. If you do it correctly and completely, come then in one go with a total package. Now it goes in parts and that is confusing. "

“The transparent government is very far away.

You can transfer money in no time, but this is much more complicated. ”

What about the confidence in the rule of law among the victims?

"How you are going to regain that trust with those parents is perhaps the most important to me. The transparent government is very far away. Money can be transferred in no time, but this is much more complicated."

In addition to the parents of the benefits affair, more than 200,000 people have been included on the blacklist, the Fraud Signaling Facility.

Those people all receive a standard letter.

According to the tax authorities, it is not possible to provide everyone with a personal explanation in the short term.

What do you think of that?

"I don't understand that. It seems as if we can't do anything in this country anymore. Then be honest: I don't employ the right people."

Currently, four thousand parents have been rejected in the benefits affair after a so-called 'light test'.

This means that their application has been set aside after data analysis and possibly a 'manual test'.

There is no further motivation in the letter they receive.

What do you think of that?

"A light test? This letter to the parents has legal consequences. A citizen must receive a decision with reasons and must know where he can object to that decision within a certain period if he does not agree with it. hear it. As it is now it is careless, not in accordance with the law. "

"Why again a standard letter without saying that objection is possible? That irritates me enormously. I do not think that this decision will stand in court. And I really wonder whether everyone at the Tax Authorities agrees with it. the letter has been sent out in this form, without proper guarantees and legal protection. "

Eva González Pérez at a hearing of the interrogation committee.

Eva González Pérez at a hearing of the interrogation committee.

Photo: ANP

The Tax and Customs Administration is now also carrying out the recovery operation.

Is that sensible?

"It would have been better if another organization had done it. That a step had been put aside, and things could be settled in peace in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act. It is now all intertwined. The same body that has people for years. discriminated against, has made life difficult and has been blacklisted, can now also decide without justification that you are not entitled to the 30,000 euros. There is something uncomfortable about that. "

"At the Tax and Customs Administration they think in terms of processes and units instead of people."

Lawyer Janet van der Bunt states in

NRC Handelsblad

that there is a system failure.

Do you agree with that?

"The tax specialist Dieter Brüll also raised this point decades ago. The system was not correct and is still not correct. At the Tax Authorities they think in terms of processes and units instead of people. And because they think so factory-like, they are unable Unpack a box and look at what is inside once each. It turns out that the victims deviate. You have to treat them individually. And the solutions are now again process-based by everyone sending the same letter. "

Informator Herman Tjeenk Willink wrote in his report to the previous formation in 2017: "Individual citizens often do not fit into the standard models and have difficulty getting a hearing for problems that transcend one-stop-shop."

Prophetic words?

It cannot be otherwise Tjeenk Willink was already aware of the problems at the tax authorities at the time, otherwise you will not make this observation. And if it concerns ten or twenty cases, but they are 26,000 parents. Then it is no longer a mistake. I wonder what the Tax and Customs Administration has learned from the Ombudsman's 2017 report and everything that happened since then. "

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