You fill in the gaps.

This is how Professor Eino Jutikkala stumbled upon 23-year-old Kaari Utrio when he had restored his master's degree in history.

That was true.

If any information was missing, Utrio replaced it with imagination.

“I was thinking of writing historical novels,” he said of his plans.

The intention was to make a few books, but 37 works of fiction were born. Nearly three million copies have been sold.

Kaari Utrio, 78, tells her story in a biography written by Anna-Liisa Haavikko Kaari (Siltala).

At the same time, the book is a dive into the history and position of Finnish entertainment literature.

Already in the early 60s, Utrio’s goal was to write a selling entertainment entertainment novel.

At the time, female entertainment was underestimated.

The everyday life of an ordinary person interested the fresh officer, Mrs. Kaari Virkajärvi.

Everyday life was not studied at that time.

He wanted to see if it was possible to create a Finnish Angelika - a romantic bestseller.

The lord of the manor and the beautiful Kirstin (Tammi) appeared in 1968. Kaari Utrio, who wrote her maiden name, earned twice the salary of a lecturer.

Since the first novel, the protagonists of Utrio have been haunting women who do not easily bend to a man’s command.

Already his own grandmothers had emphasized to Kaari the woman's independence.

When asked by a reporter about the role of Utrio's books, Kaari Utrio replied, "Yes-a ... if I said quite frantically, it is to sublimate the sex drive of frustrated women."

According to Utrion, many women read her books when her own husband was not enough.

The future author’s first year was dramatic.

Kaari Utrio, nicknamed Snooze, spent a month in the hospital as a baby.

“The baby is starving;

now we need a change in nutrition.

Snooze is taken to Maria's hospital to gain weight, ”Kaari's father Untamo Utrio wrote in his diary in 1942.

Kaari Utrio was born into a cultural home.

His father, Untamo Utrio (nicknamed Uni), later founded the Tammi book publishing house.

Kaari was born out of wedlock.

Untamo Utrio was still married to his first wife when Untamo's 19-year-old girlfriend Meri Vitikainen became pregnant.

At school, Kaari did not learn to read.

Then the reason became clear: myopia.

When Kaari got the glasses, he became the best in his class.

Untamo and Meri Utrio's wedding photo 1942. Her baby girl Kaari is with her. Photo: Kaari Utrio's home archive

Kaari Utrio with his brother Pirkka and Leka's dog with his grandparents in Mikkeli in 1950. Photo: Kaari Utrio's home archive

Don’t you see anything wrong with women fleeing for entertainment?

Kaari Utrio was found on television in the early 70's.

He had become a big celebrity who received feedback from President Urho Kekkonen.

It was appropriate for people to get out of everyday life through entertainment.

A couple of hours of entertainment a week doesn’t stop you from realizing it, he said.

Utrio’s first books were adventurous.

In the 70s, her books came with a feminine theme and a more serious tone.

The maiden dance and Katarina’s fable had her own experiences: humiliations, fears, and relationships.

The marriage with Jaakko Virkajärvi soon began to break down.

They had two little sons.

In the summer of 1973, Kaari Utrio met journalist Kai Linnilä in the yard of Orivesi College.

It was love from both at first sight.

After returning to Helsinki, Kai Linnilä heard that his wife had found a new husband and wanted to divorce.

"I'm divorced, are not you too might resign?"

Kai soon asked Kaari.

“Yes,” Kaari replied.

In the divorce, Kaari Utrio thought about the best of the boys.

Jaakko was better as a father than he was as a mother, Kaari Utrio thinks in his biography.

"The solution happened, and every day he thought of the boys."

In the 1970s, it was exceptional to leave children separated from their father.

Kaari Utrio felt like an inappropriate mother.

He stressed out and smoked four boxes of tobacco a day.

However, he believed in a great all-swallowing love to which he was willing to sacrifice his life.

Kaari got the right to visit her children.

Kaari and Jaakko Virkajärvi had lived together for eight years out of eight years of marriage due to the man's work.

It eventually separated them.

Kai Linnilä and Kaari Utrio were united by culture, books and a similar sense of humor.

After the divorce, Kaari did not see her sons for half a year.

The gaps between the ex-spouse got cooler when he said in an interview that the boys ’meetings were not successful.

Gradually, a good conversational connection was established with the ex-husband's new wife, Marja.

Kaari sent clothes to his sons who moved to Kokkola and arranged to meet the children.

Kaari suggested that the boys call her Kaari and Marja her mother.

“You are a good mother to boys.

Their affection for you is visible, and it is certainly deserved, ”Kaari Utrio writes in her letter to Marja.

Kaario Utrio has lived a life that has been full of tragic twists and turns, but also a fabulous success. Photo: Sami Kero

1975 Kaari and Kai moved to Somerniemi.

The departure from Helsinki was accelerated by the political absoluteness of the tavern parties.

On land, they initially tried a self-sufficient economy.

Kai also liked construction, Kaari didn't.

Kai is a passionate collector and cook.

In 1977, the couple gave birth to a son, Lasse, the baby of his time.

The early years of Somerniemi included monetary crises.

Kaari was also struck by the fact that the taxpayer did not accept the author's professional expenses as taxable.

Cain's drunkenness intensified.

He treated his wife lovely.

“The arch sought a reason for Cain from drinking himself.

He simply earned too much.

If they were tougher, Cain would be forced to work harder and he would drink less, ”Anna-Liisa Haavikko writes in the book.

Kai told Kaari in the late 70's that he wanted to resign because Kaari didn't need him.

Eventually, Kai Linnilä realized that crazy farm management has been a mistake.

It was Cain's dream, not Kaar's.

They are abandoning the self-sufficient economy.

When Cain’s drunkenness didn’t stop, Arch threatened to take a lover if Cain’s drinking didn’t stop.

I guess he obeyed and applied to the AA club.

It was the year 1980.

Arc started drinking almost daily.

"I have begun to fear the liquor.

It eats a person before you guess, ”Kaari writes to his colleague Laila Hirvisaari.

The relationship is fine, but Kaari, who stopped drinking, was in crisis.

He wanted to write something completely new, a contemporary novel.

1982 Kaari and Kai Utrio establish the family company Oy Amanita Ltd, whose idea sister and CEO Kai Linnilä was for a long time.

Its first breakthrough is Eve's Daughters, written by Kaari Utrio and produced by Amanita, the history of a European woman, child and family.

154,000 copies of the book will be sold by next summer.

It is the year 1984.

Kaari Utrio had become a respected social debater.

She held positions of trust in the Writers' Union, later becoming the president of the Minna Canth Society.

The organization was fascinated.

It acted according to the rules.

Kaari Utrio was the SDP's municipal councilor in Somerniemi for one term and Mauno Koivisto's constituent in the presidential election.

Kaari Utrio and Kai Linnilä moved to Somerniemi in 1975. Photo: Aarre Ekholm, Tammen Photo Archive

Kaari, Kai and Lasse in 1976. Photo: Hannu Männynoksa

Piija Linnilä, the daughter of Kai Linnilä's first marriage, was a familiar guest at the Somerniemi home.

He studied at the Ateneum.

In the mid-80s, Piija became manic.

He ended up in Hesperia for treatment.

In Somerniemi, he sat in a corner socializing with his imaginary beings.

Kai arranged for a psychiatrist again, but Piija, who had schizophrenia, refused to go.

In January 1986, Piija committed suicide.

Kai Linnilä had a hard time getting over Piija's death, as did Kaari and Lasse.

Good family relationships brought comfort.

The relationship between Kai Linnilä and Kaari Utrio improved over the years as wine grew older.

They are each other's best friends.

When the couple's son Lasse Linnilä moves away from home as an adult, Kaari writes a guide booklet on doing homework.

Lasse Linnilä, the current CEO of Amanita, says in his biography that the image created by Kaari Utrio lacks maternity: “Kaari is a good mother and grandmother.

He is a very family-oriented person. ”

In her biography, Kaari Utrio says that she has given up her rights as a mother so that the sons of their first marriage can live as peaceful a life as possible.

“But that doesn’t mean I gave up on emotions,” he writes to his first-born son, Karri, in his letter in the ’80s.

In his letter, Arch wonders if he had abandoned the boys too easily in the divorce.

“I’m afraid you hate me.

I'm afraid you're rejecting me.

I've always been afraid of.

I feel infinitely guilty in front of you.

I did wrong to you when I gave you up. ”

The boys went on holiday to Somerniemi, but when they were in high school, Kaari Utrio did not see his Finnish Championship level athlete boys for a long time.

“I didn’t dare just touch you, even though I desperately wanted to keep you in my arms.

- The sadness grows over time, even though there was not a single day in my life that I would not have thought of you.

But guilt never subsides. ”

“But if you could forgive me, maybe we could start being friends;

adults, ”Kaari asked in his letter to his 20- and 18-year-old boys in the 1980s.

Author Kaari Utrio and librarian Kaari Utrio of the Vekaranjärvi Military Home 1969.Photo: Jorma Blomqvist

At the age of 50, Kaari Utrio feels that the best years as a writer are over.

"I am a wreck, passé," he moaned in self-pity in 1992.

Still what.

In his fifties, he writes his most important works (Copperbird, Hawk, Sacrificial Fires), compiles the history of the Western family and makes numerous lecture trips a year.

President Martti Ahtisaari appoints him an artist professor in 1995 for a five-year term.

“I am writing a new novel like a drug.

I am never as happy as sitting in peace in front of a plane, ”says Kaari Utrio in his biography.

Life is busy, family oriented and good.

Admittedly, tendon sheath inflammation plagues Kaari and mole fever is taking away Cain's life, but they are also being overcome.

As we enter the 21st century, Kaari Utrio feels wise as a person and as a writer.

“And I don’t always want to be right,” he notes.

In 2003, Kaari's mother, Meri Utrio, who lives in the same yard, falls ill.

He will die the following year.

At the same time, Kai Linnilä is recovering from depression with medication.

"Not only is the sex life does not seem like that much longer of interest to him, but I have adapted to it.

He is my dearest person and my best friend, and I have no life without him, ”Kaari Utrio says in his diary.

Kaari Utrio, who has written a diary all his life, continues the social debate in Some today.

On Facebook, he sees the comments of his readers in real time.

Six grandchildren are also a great pleasure.

Life as a widow has required getting used to.

Kai Linnilä died of a massive heart blood clot in August 2017. Even if he had been revived, life would not have returned to normal.

Arch is comforted by the idea that Cain did not have to suffer.

Kaari Utrio and Kai Linnilä at home in 2017. Photo: Bo Stranden

Kaari Utrio, who has written about strong women all his life, still sometimes comes across the claim that he hates men.

According to some, he wants revenge as a writer for the whole mankind.

What he would be revenge for and why, Kaari Utrio thinks in his biography.

He has not felt bitterness or anger towards men.

She has wanted to describe a century of mistreatment of women.

Kaari and sons Karri and Antti.

Kaari Utrio gave birth to two sons and four novels in four years. Photo: Otavamedia Archive