The salvage operation of the Dutch ship Eemslift Hendrika off the coast of Norway has been postponed to Thursday morning due to bad weather, the Norwegian coast guard reports Wednesday.

Six to eight meters high waves, strong winds and snow showers made the operation difficult on Wednesday.

Coast Guard Hans Petter Mortensholm said it was not safe to proceed.

"Life and health are always the first priority in an incident like this," said Coast Guard Director Hans Petter Mortensholm on the Norwegian Coast Guard website.

According to the Norwegian authority, calculations show that the chance that the ship will run aground is very small.

Better weather has been announced on Thursday.

The coast guard thinks there is a good chance that the salvage operation can then be carried out successfully.

Salvage workers carried out an inspection from a helicopter on Wednesday.

The plan was to also lift four crew members of the Eemslift Hendrika on board later that day.

The total crew of twelve was rescued from the ship on Monday and flown to the Norwegian mainland.


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Boskalis is going to salvage a ship

On Wednesday evening, the tugs arrived at the cargo ship chartered by the Dutch salvage company SMIT Salvage, a subsidiary of Boskalis.

Before the vessel can be towed to the mainland, people must board the Eemslift Hendrika to fasten the tow cables.

The next step is to tow the ship in sheltered waters, where it will drop anchor.

Then the ship must be stabilized before it can be transported further.

The Eemslift Hendrika is still located about 40 to 50 nautical miles west of the Norwegian city of Alesund.

The ship ran into difficulties on Monday due to a shifting cargo and therefore listed in a turbulent sea with meters-high waves.

It was possible to prevent the ship from capsizing.

The Eemslift Hendrika, owned by the shipping company Amasus Shipping in Delfzijl, was on its way from Bremerhaven in Germany to the Norwegian port of Kolvereid.