Juho, a 29-year-old Finn, died of a coronavirus disease on Saturday in Poland.

Ilta-Sanomat reached Juho's mother, who confirmed the sad news.

He wants to warn and remind people of the dangers of the coronavirus.

- When the hope is gone, the fear is gone.

Nothing worse can happen anymore.

There is only immense love left.

Juho was an example of a person who is best placed to overcome the coronavirus.

He was under 30 years old, healthy and in good shape.

Juho died yesterday.

Her crown trip lasted exactly a month from infection to completion, the mother has written on social media in an update released on Sunday.

According to her mother, Juho, who worked in Krakow, Poland, was diagnosed with coronary infection on March 3.

A week later, he was hospitalized.

He was transferred to the intensive care unit a week after he was hospitalized.

- Until then, we were able to keep in direct contact with him.

Since then, the flow of information has taken place with the help of SOS International, the mother says.

Picture of Juho published by his mother and handed over to IS. Picture: Juho's mother's home album

In the intensive care unit, Juho spent 17 days before his death.

The family is now arranging the repatriation of Juho.

Practical matters are hampered by Poland's strong data protection law.

- We ask - take this epidemic seriously and do your best and a little more to prevent the spread of infections.

Don't play Russian roulette.

Behind every statistic number is the right person.

And behind the man’s family and friends, Mom wrote in her social media update.

- I know that there are still many feelings ahead of us on our journey, including inconsolability, anger and bitterness before bottomless grief can turn into beautiful longing.

All of these feelings we are willing to endure, but not indifference and cynicism.


 I know that there are still many emotions ahead on our journey, including inconsolability, anger, and bitterness before bottomless grief can turn into beautiful longing.

Krakow.Photo: Vito Corleone / Zuma / MVPhotos

The update published by the mother has garnered a lot of attention on social media.

Numerous people have sent their condolences to Juho's relatives.

- Our condolences and strengths to all of you.

Really sad and unfair, one of the commentators wrote.

- Warm condolences.

For the rest of us, a reminder: The battle of a healthy young man had been fought for one month, another commentator wrote.

Many others have also recalled on social media the importance of complying with interest rate restrictions.

The memory of the late Juho has also been honored by, among others, the organizations he represents.

- Juho was our important and beloved member.

In these times, we want to emphasize the importance of being careful and taking interest rate restrictions seriously so that as many as possible avoid the fate of Juho.

Our deepest condolences to Juho's family and friends are written on the Facebook page of an organization.

- Many of us remember him as a truly inspiring leader who was able to take a stand on important social and cultural issues in Poland, another memoir writes.