Terraces, shops, gyms, zoos and hairdressers will reopen in the UK from Monday, April 12.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this on Monday evening during a press moment.

Johnson emphasized that it is not yet clear whether a summer holiday for Britons this year is in the offing.

The announced easing was in line with expectations, as the United Kingdom has been able to significantly reduce the number of positive corona tests per day due to the large number of vaccinations it has been able to perform.

In the country, nearly half of the 66 million inhabitants have already had a first shot, while 5.5 million adults have already been fully vaccinated.

On Monday, 'only' 2,762 positive tests were reported, the smallest number since the beginning of September.

"I'll visit a pub myself next week to have a beer," said Johnson.

"But I do that with all caution. We have to keep on guard against the virus, as the situation in other countries shows."

Johnson also announced relaxation for UK nursing homes.

The prime minister wants to make it easier to "visit loved ones".

Johnson advises Britons not to book a summer vacation yet

A decision to allow summer vacations is not yet possible, according to Johnson.

The prime minister states that it is still too early for that, but promises to make a decision well before mid-May.

The United Kingdom wants to allow or travel to a country based on risk levels.

However, it is currently too early to say which country will be eligible for the so-called holiday stamp, Johnson said.

Therefore, according to him, it is better that people do not book a holiday yet.

According to the British Prime Minister, a vaccination passport will allow travel in the summer.

Britons would not need a vaccination passport to go to the pub or shop in their own country, Johnson assures.

Earlier in the day, experts advising the UK government had said the country is ready for new easing.

"There will be no unsustainable pressure on the health care system. Even if the amount of positive tests increases in the coming weeks," said the experts.