Almost three months ago (on January 6), the first Dutch person got an injection against the corona virus.

And in about three months, most of the population should have had at least a first shot.

Where is the vaccination campaign now?

The facts at a glance:

What vaccines are there so far?

The Netherlands now has three vaccines: those from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna.

As a precaution, vaccination with AstraZeneca has largely been halted due to possible side effects.

It is the second injection break for that drug.

The Dutch vaccine from Janssen from Leiden should become available around mid-April.

That has already been approved.

Vaccines from CureVac, Sanofi and Novavax may follow later this year, and a vaccine from Valneva may be added early next year.

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Who's turn now for a shot?

First the vulnerable and the people who care for them, then the rest: the government uses that order.

Most of the over-80s and people working in long-term care have now been vaccinated.

The GGDs are currently vaccinating people over 75 and the last group of care workers.

GPs meanwhile vaccinate people with Down's syndrome and people with morbid obesity.

At the same time, the hospitals are currently vaccinating people who would be at high risk from a corona infection due to existing medical problems.

These are, for example, people with blood cancer, kidney failure or a congenital immune disorder, and people who have just had an organ, stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

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Who's next turn?

In the coming days, GGDs will start vaccinating people who were born in 1947 and 1948, so the people who will turn 73 and 74 this year.

People from 1949, 1950 and 1951 will also receive an invitation to make an injection appointment.

GPs are almost starting to vaccinate elderly people living at home who are not mobile.

These people were unable to go to a major vaccination site, such as a sports hall, with their peers.

At the end of April or the beginning of May it is the turn of 65 to 70 year olds and people 60 or slightly older.

Then people in their fifties and people with slightly less serious medical risks, such as diabetes or chronic heart complaints, receive an invitation.

Eventually all other adults follow.

How many people are vaccinated?

In total, about 2.7 million injections have now been taken, the government estimates.

The government expects about 433,000 people to be vaccinated against the corona virus this week.

Last week there were about 280,000, the week before about 210,000.

In the short term, the pace must be accelerated to more than a million vaccinations per week.

About 14 million adults can receive an injection.

Children are not vaccinated for the time being.

Number of vaccinations per week

How many vaccine doses have been delivered?

The Netherlands has so far received fewer doses than intended.

The most recent figures run up to last Sunday.

By then, more than 3.6 million doses had been received, and this should have been 4.5 million.

Pfizer / BioNTech delivers a lot and reliably, Moderna does not yet deliver much, but it does deliver regularly, and each delivery is larger than the last.

AstraZeneca, on the other hand, sometimes delivers a lot and the other times little, and sometimes it turns out at the last minute that less is coming than was announced.

That makes it very difficult to schedule injection appointments.

Expected number of deliveries and actual deliveries

How many vaccine doses are still on the way?

The Netherlands should receive a total of 16.8 million doses in April, May and June, more than four times the number delivered in recent months.

About 10 million people could be vaccinated with it.

A total of 30.1 million doses should come in July, August and September.

Delivery of 22.2 million doses is planned for October, November and December.

At the beginning of next year, 10.9 million doses are yet to arrive.

In total, the Netherlands will have received 84.5 million doses.

That can still change with new orders.

When will the vaccination campaign be ready?

Nobody knows.

For example, it is not known how long the vaccine protects.

When the protection is over, people will have to be vaccinated again, at least the vulnerable.

The government hopes that by July of this year most adults (who want to) have had at least one shot.

Anyone who receives the Janssen vaccine has already been fully vaccinated with it.

Those who receive a different brand need two injections to be labeled 'fully vaccinated'.

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