More than 2.8 million people infected with the coronavirus have died since December 2019, when the virus began to spread around the world, according to calculations by official news agency AFP from official sources.

More than 10,000 more coronary patients died on Good Friday.

The largest proportion of them, 2,900, were Brazilians.

The highest number of deaths has occurred in the United States, where a total of nearly 570,000 have been recorded. The second highest number of deaths has been in Brazil, about 330,000.

Proportional to population and excluding micro-states, the deadliest corona pandemic has been in the Czech Republic, where corona-related deaths have been recorded per 250,000 inhabitants, and in Hungary, where the corresponding figure is 223. The United States has a population-related figure of 170 and Brazil 153.

About 850 deaths in Finland mean 15 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

A total of at least 130 million cases of infection have been reported, and the vast majority of those affected have recovered.

However, some people have symptoms that last for weeks or months.

The figures are based on figures provided by health authorities in different countries.

However, there are differences between countries in, among other things, statistical practices and the coverage of corona testing.

In Estonia, the incidence rate is almost seven times higher than in Finland

In Estonia, the country's coronavirus situation remains difficult and new cases of corona have been detected in 519 days.

On Saturday morning, there were approximately 690 coronary patients in hospital, of which more than 70 were in intensive care.

About 50 of them needed a ventilator.

There were nine new deaths related to the corona.

A total of 931 deaths have been recorded. There have been about 70 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

The incidence rate of the coronavirus, ie the number of two-week infections per one hundred thousand inhabitants, is over 1,100. In Finland, the corresponding figure is 148, and in the worst epidemic area in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital districts, about 293.

Less than a fifth of the new coronavirus tests performed in Estonia in two weeks have reported infection.

A new peak in the need for hospital care is visible in Norway

In Norway, more than 300 people with coronavirus disease already need hospital treatment, the country's health authorities say.

The number of people in need of care may soon exceed the peak so far last April, when hospitals had a maximum of 318 coronary patients.

Of the current patients, 64 need a ventilator.

Five and a half million inhabitants, Norway has found a total of more than 97 000 koronatapausta and about 670 people have died from the disease related.

Thus, there have been about 12 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.