Easter is celebrated in a lively atmosphere in Lapland's ski resorts.

It is known to Janne-Juhani Haarma, CEO of Visit Ylläs, who admired the scenery at the top of the mountain on Friday afternoon.

- Now you can see more helmets than beanies on the slope.

There was a lot of snow in Levi on Good Friday. Photo: Irene Stachon

- The mountain is full, Haarma says.

According to him, Ylläs' cottage capacity has been 90–95% in use since mid-February.

- And now at Easter, even those cottage owners who do not rent a cottage, so they have come here to celebrate Easter.

It can be said that now is the busiest moment of the whole season, Haarma says.

Levi is also lively.

Many skiers wore helmets from the Levi slopes on Friday. Photo: Irene Stachon

Jouni Palosaari, CEO of Oy Levi Ski Resort, says that the crowd is “comfortable”.

According to him, with the exception of some individual rental cottages, all cottages are in use.

There is also space in hotels.

- There (on the slopes) there is a steady crowd, and very much people enjoy the spring sun, which today caresses customers.

- Week eight was also a busy week.

Easter has traditionally been the busiest weekend.

I think the same thing is coming now, Palosaari says.

Because of Korona, restaurants stay closed, but they sell portions to take with them.

- Well people have learned about outdoor feeding, which Parliament ordered us to.

In those fells, people are having picnics in their own little gangs, Palosaari splits.

Cars in the parking lot at Levi Ski Center in Kittilä on Good Friday. Photo: Irene Stachon

Palosaari and Haarma say that both Ski Centers take corona regulations with great seriousness.

In particular, some queues have formed in gondola lifts.

Skiers at Levi Ski Center in Kittilä on Good Friday. Photo: Irene Stachon

However, this is because, according to both CEOs, people have taken care of safety gaps.

- It's a good thing that there are queues now during the corona.

It tells you that you only go to the elevator in your own company or with masks at your head, and because of that, the capacity of the elevators is much lower than normal.

And the queues are longer than normal when people use safety gaps, Palosaari says.

The lift queues at Levi Ski Center sought to keep safety clearances on Good Friday. Photo: Irene Stachon

- We don't have a party culture like this, and we have a very outdoor clientele.

And Ylläs companies responsibly instruct customers and staff to follow common rules of the game.

For we have done so far, and people are very good at following the rules, Haarma praises.

Tourists at Levi Ski and Ski Center in Kittilä.

Many had masks on their heads. Photo: Irene Stachon