Italian Juventus star players Weston McKennie, Paulo Dybala and Arthur Melo have been forced off the shelves.

Players will be on the sidelines of an important local match between Torino and Juventus on Saturday.

The paddle was already on the sidelines anyway due to injury.

The club is about to fine the trio.

The trio were caught attending a home party late Wednesday night.

The splashes were held at the apartment of McKennie, an American in Turin.

Hipat violated Italian coronavirus regulations.

According to Corriere della Sera, the trio had fun with their loved ones as well as their friends enjoying dinner.

According to the Italian newspaper, about twenty guests were present at the taste session, which was too long.

Juventus’s players and their friends got into contact with law enforcement after McKennie’s neighbor had gotten enough of the hackers and called the carabinieri on the scene.

- I was walking my dog ​​at 10:30 p.m.

There was a crowd in his yard that didn’t wear face masks.

I saw hose cars in his yard inside the gates.

Young women also took taxis.

- I called the police because such gatherings are forbidden and it was already time for a curfew.

The famous footballer is not above the law, the man who remained anonymous explained to the Italian newspaper.

McKennie's neighbor said he was a supporter of Juventus.

The team is third in the series and has lost its grip on the championship fight.

Juventus is fighting a fierce battle for a place in the Champions League for the period 2021–2022.

- Maybe they should party less and focus more on playing, the man nailed.

According to Italian media, more than three Juventus players are also suspected to have been present.

According to Italian media, someone would have warned McKennie in advance before law enforcement arrived, allowing some of the guests to sneak out of the scene.