On Tuesday, Tappara went on a robbery trip in Oulu, when he overthrew the Hockey League in Kärpät.

The guarantee of victory cannot be directly attributed to the experienced Kristian Kuusela, 38, who returned to Tappara's crew after a long break.

It should be noted, however, that for Tappara, who was in pain with her game, the presence of a veteran had at least a calming factor.

That's what the team needs now.

The seemingly almost direct playoff spot has turned into a ruthless battle as a result of a losing streak.

Tappara had lost as many as six of his previous seven games.

- I think the game has been in very good shape, but we have made really big mistakes.

They have paid goals and points with a big hand, Kuusela pondered after the match.

Kristian Kuusela returned to Tappara's ranks on Tuesday. Photo: Jukka Ritola / Aamulehti

There has been a lot of player traffic in Tappara's ranks during the season.

The door has gone in and out, and during the broken season, permanence has been a very vague state of being.

The killer has fumbled in a way that is not typical of the team.

- It's been a little special.

Everyday work has been done with these things, but in the end, the players make those choices on the field.

A lot has been learned now, Kuusela said.

Kuusela eventually missed ten games - and at the same time Tappara's result condition dived.

His role as team leader is undeniable.

Kuusela is not only a playful, but also a spiritual leader.

The return could not have started better, as Kuusela's dream pass for Maksim Matushkin sealed the game's opening goal in Oulu.

Anyway, the evening was well on the positive side.

- I've been in the fortunate position where I have survived many years with few absences.

I can say that it is quite difficult to watch games from the side, Kuusela summed up.

- A certain kind of rigidity on the spiritual side, I tried to bring it and in my opinion I succeeded.

Of course, there is still a long way to go before the machine-like execution of the past years, which is deep in Tappara dna.

The flies stretched the game’s winning shots precisely because of Tappara’s bounce.

The first feed for both Kärppie goals was provided by Tappara's own man.

The end of the SM League regular season is a relentless battle for a place in the sun, among the top six.

This year, good regular season placement is more emphasized than ever.

The pace of play in February and March has been so fierce that no team wants to start the playoffs in a wild card round.

- The direct playoffs are somewhat more useful than before, Kuusela admitted.

Kuusela, who is playing in Tappara for the eighth time, was in the end a simple recipe for the regular meters' final meters.

- Our own, good game is there all the time.

Now all you have to do is make the results visible and climb as high as possible in the table.