Last Sunday, the police arrested 334 people at the demonstration on Amsterdam's Museumplein.

They disobeyed the order of the police to leave.

According to a spokesperson, they were released the same day with a police report in their pocket.

For the umpteenth week in a row, Museumplein was the scene of a protest against the corona measures.

Police took action after a group of about 1,000 protesters refused to leave.

A demonstration at this location is prohibited and those present did not keep enough distance.

After warnings and orders from the police, the water cannon was again used to drive away the demonstrators.

Among the detainees was Arnold Karskens, chairman of broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland, who reported on the protest.

According to the police, he was among the protesters and did not heed the order to leave.

After showing his press card, he was released again, according to a spokesman.