Sebastian Vettel’s first time trials in an Aston Martin F1 car went badly wrong.

The four-time world champion will advance to the Bahrain GP from the 18th starting box.

Vettel, 33, said in a Sky Sports broadcast that panicking doesn’t help, though.

- I am shocked and angry, this was in no way our fault we could not qualify, but this must be taken against Vettel summed up according to Autosport.

The German’s last lap in the first section of the time trials went wrong when Nikita Mazepin passed him right at the end of the warm-up lap and went ahead for a quick lap.

Nikita Mazepin drives in Haas stable. Photo: James Gasperotti / Zuma / MVPhotos

Sebastian Vettel drove a 2015–20 Ferrari.

Now he is Aston Martin's man.Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma / MVPhotos

Haas, a terrible Russian newcomer, immediately hit the first bend and caused yellow spins with his turn, which caused Vettel to slow down.

During the tour, he faced yet another yellow flag when Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was in trouble.

- The last sector in the warm-up round went into a mess.

I made it to my lap when the time on the clock was less than a second.

After two yellow flags, there wasn’t much to do.

Mazepin has received a lot of criticism for his time trial performance.

For example, former F1 driver, BBC radio commentator Jolyon Palmer, said Mazepin disgraced himself.