Kaisa Sali, a former triathlete who was the victim of a stab, told the Lapland District Court on Thursday about her experiences a year ago in the yard of her home.

A 34-year-old crash man is suspected of hitting him in the back with a kitchen knife in February 2020.

The hall was in the yard of an apartment building in Kolari at the time of the events.

The man accused of the murder came to the trash to talk to him.

They had not met before, as Salit had only moved to Kolari a couple of weeks earlier.

- I talked to him for a few words.

He asked where I was coming from and where I was going.

He seemed a little scary and suspicious.

There was a feeling that we had to get out of the situation, he described the situation.

The hall went for a walk away from the man.

Suddenly he felt shocks in his back.

- I felt that the left upper back was hit three times.

It felt like someone had hit the sick hard with a rock.

I saw the guy continue his journey, I saw a knife in his hand and I saw blood in the snow.

Sali said he was shocked by the situation.

He called his spouse in distress, who told him to call the emergency center.

The ambulance went to take Salia to Rovaniemi to Lapland Central Hospital.

- It resulted in the worst two hours of my life.

The pains were absolutely awful.

It was a creepy experience.

Eventually I got to Rovaniemi for a hospital and good care, Sali said in the district court.

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The crash man denies guilty of killing the company.

He admits aggravated assault.

He says he was in psychosis and memories of events are poor.

According to the defense, the background of the events is a mental illness diagnosed in a man.

The man says he heard voices telling him to kill the man.

The hearing heard the defendant's mother, who felt that her son had not received the necessary treatment or help with her problems before the stabbing.

- He has not had a feeling of illness in himself, he did not feel sick.

I tried to seek help many times.

Many times I waited with my heart in my throat for what would happen.

The accused crash man also got out loud at the hearing.

He apologized for his actions and said he had heard voices for years.

“Voices tell us to do radical deeds to get things in order,” he said via video link.

He also said he called before the stabs at the emergency center for help.

- I said I'm feeling bad and I need help.

I said I want to get out of here and be treated.

After the emergency call, he went out into the yard with a knife and hit the first person to come.

The prosecutor does not demand that the man be punished for the act.

According to the state of mind survey, he has been innocent at the time of the act.

- Taking into account the statement of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare regarding the defendant's state of mind, in the prosecutor's view, the conditions for criminal liability under the Criminal Code are missing, the regional prosecutor Henna Väyrynen states.

The district court will pass judgment on the case on April 16th.