Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, received a special gift on Sunday.

Andrea Agnelli, the chairman of the old lady, presented Ronaldo with a shirt with the total number of goals in his career of 770 and the text GOAT, Greatest of all time, the best ever.

Fifa doesn’t have existing statistics on the most effective football players of all time, but after a hat trick against Cagliari on March 15, Ronaldo announced that he is now the new holder of the record.

Pelen is estimated to have made 767 hits in his player career.

Then Ronaldo's day went in the wrong direction.

Sunday’s match was a terrible disappointment for Juve.

Benevento earned three points from Turin with his 1-0 victory and got important oxygen in the relegation battle.

Benevento’s difference to the fall line is now seven points.

Benevento's Finnish worker Perparim Hetemaj scrapped in midfield for 83 minutes.

The only goal of the match was Adolfo Gaich.

Andrea Pirlo's new season as Juventus' head coach is coming to an end.

The team has already dropped from the Champions League to Porto, and in Serie A, series leader Inter is ten points away.

Juventus has won nine Italian league championships in the pipe, but finally and finally that pipe is breaking.

Perparim Hetemaj and Cristiano Ronaldo fought for the ball.Photo: Marco Bertorello / Lehtikuva / AFP