The afternoon rush hour ended on Friday at Vantaa Ring Road III calm and usual until the view instantly changed like a video game screen.

Audi and Skoda fought for the dominance of the ring road.

A very precarious traffic rage situation was recorded on the dashboard camera of Henrik Karsten from Helsinki.

- Assholes, that's what it is, assholes, Karsten says without unnecessary phrases.

- They obviously had a situation on the site before.

Skoda Fabia's movement in the lanes is uneasy.

Karsten thinks Skoda hadn't let Audi pass from the left.

- Then Audi leaves to pass from the right, and Fabia stumbles (moves to the right) to Audia's side, doesn't let the track, and that's why Audi drifted in front of me.

Fabia's cover movement is reminiscent of the final situations recently seen in Salpausselä and Oberstdorf, which involved Aleksander Bolshunov twice and Joni Mäki and Johannes Hösflot Kläbo.

Karsten himself was already on the ramp.

- At first I thought Audi was just trying to get ahead and get on the ramp before me.

According to Karsten, the wide angle of the camera does not show how close Audi actually went to the bow of her own car.

- But it wasn't going to the ramp, but had gotten off its "track" and that's why it hooked back and tried to race Fabian.

The video even looks like Skoda Fabia and Audi hit each other, but that didn’t really happen.

The “rod” didn’t quite break.

- Fabia dodges her hair nicely and comes up at the last minute to leave along the ramp.

There, the Skoda Fabia turned left at the lights and, according to Karsten's observation, headed back to the perimeter, now to the west.

The video drives east at the Tuupakka junction.

- The atmosphere was like in Russian traffic rage culture, Karsten sighs.

- Such what the f * ck!

He says he has never before faced similar negligence in the 44 years he has spent in traffic.

- It 's on the verge of excitement when first Audi thinks to come into her arms, returns from the ramp to the lane, tries to Kolkata Skoda, which dodges, and cuts to the last drop on the ramp.

- There is no normative attempt to drive at 80 km / h in Kolkata with motorists.

The Audi register does not appear on the video.

It's so fucking.

Three letters stand out on the side of the Skoda: RTK.

- Unfortunately, it is our car, says Ismo Heikkonen, CEO of RTK-Palvelut Oy.

- It's our production car.

The matter has been addressed, the person is known to us.

We regret that this has happened.

It shouldn't happen.

Heikkonen says that his real estate service company employs almost 3,000 people and has about 700 cars.

- Unfortunately, these happen from time to time and every single one is being investigated and seriously addressed.

We emphasize good traffic behavior.

MTV was the first to report the incident.