Police have been arrested in Britain in connection with the case of a missing woman, The Guardian reported.

Sarah Everard, 33, disappeared in Clapham, South London, after leaving to walk home from her friend last Wednesday.

Everard set out for nine countries in the evening.

The last sighting of him is on his way home when he was recorded on private surveillance camera images.

Sarah Everard has been missing for a week. Photo: Metropolitan police

Police said Tuesday night they had arrested a man in Kent in connection with Everard's disappearance.

The man works as a police officer for the Greater London Police.

The woman has also been arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting.

Police closed the road where Sarah Everard was last seen.Photo: Peter Manning / Zuma / MVphotos

The duo have been transported to a London police station.

"Tonight's arrest is a serious and significant event," Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave told the BBC.

Police conducted a crime scene investigation on the road where the missing person was last seen.Photo: Peter Manning / Zuma / MVphotos

According to a later statement, the arrested police were not at work at the time of Everard's disappearance.

So far, it has not been reported whether the man is suspected of a crime.

The search to find Everard continues.

Police dogs and divers have also been involved in the search.

In addition, disappearance notices have been affixed to the lampposts in the disappearance area.

Police detainees have also been involved in the search. Photo: Peter Manning / Zuma / MVphotos