The US House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a historic $ 1.9 trillion (1.6 trillion euro) bailout package to cushion the effects of the corona crisis.

President Joe Biden is expected to sign the new law on Friday.

The financial injection must be used to finance, among other things, vaccines and medical aids.

In addition, emergency financial aid will be provided to US citizens, businesses and local governments affected by the corona crisis.

Most Americans receive direct aid of $ 1,400 ($ 1,175).

The first checks are expected to be sent this month.

The proposal had previously been approved by the House of Representatives, but because the Senate made some adjustments to the plan, the lower house had to vote again on the crisis support package.

For example, a section on raising the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour was voted down.

Due to the impending emergency aid, several economists were already more positive about the growth of the US economy this year.

The $ 1400 support checks do not apply to the richest Americans.

As more is earned, the amount of aid decreases.

Americans who earn $ 80,000 or more per year are not entitled to additional financial aid.