Ex-skier Petter Northug, 35, who was involved in a drug scandal, approached the current number one star in Norwegian skiing, Johannes Hösflot Kläbo at Instagram.

Northug gave his countryman his support in the aftermath of the 50-kilometer World Cup skiing.

- Regardless of the outcome, you are and will remain the winner, Northung wrote in Kläbo's Instagram update.

In his update, Kläbo said last Sunday felt like the hardest day of his career.

Kläbo hit the Russian skier Aleksandr Bolshunov in the finish line of the 50-kilometer race.

Bolshunov's rod broke.

Kläbo was the first to ski to the finish line after the crash, but his performance was abandoned after the race and the World Cup gold was taken from the 24-year-old superstar.

- Right now everything feels gloomy, but I'll be back.

I just need time, Kläbo wrote on Instagram.

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It is possible that Kläbo will still receive a gold medal for himself.

On Monday, the Norwegian Ski Association prepared a new petition to the International Ski Association Fisi.

The petition must be submitted no later than Tuesday evening.

Fis will make its decision within three days of filing the petition, i.e. no later than Friday night.

Northug won the 50-kilometer world championship three times in his career.

From Vancouver, the trip became Olympic gold.

Northug was sentenced in December last year to seven months in absolute prison for speeding and possession of drugs.