On Tuesday, the Norwegian Ski Association has filed a complaint with the International Ski Federation regarding the rejection of Johannes Hösflot Kläbo in Sunday’s 50-kilometer World Championships.

Kläbo was the first to finish, but was disqualified when the jury ruled that he had blocked Alexander Bolshunov of Russia.

Bolshunov broke the wand in a collision with the duo, and he finished third in the race.

Due to Kläbo's rejection, the Russian rose to the World Championship silver, Emil Iversen from Norway, who originally crossed the finish line, was second in the World Cup gold.

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    Johannes Hösflot Kläbo lost his World Cup gold - that is why the Norwegian star was rejected

Norway filed a protest immediately after Kläbo was rejected on Sunday, but was rejected by the World Cup jury.

Now the matter goes to the Fis of the International Ski Federation.

- We think it is right to appeal the rejection, as we disagree with the jury's decision.

We consider what happened (Kläbo and Bolshunov crash) to be part of the competition, the team leader of the Norwegian ski team Espen Bjervig explained in a press release quoted by VG, among others.

Kläbo was rejected by the World Cup jury as he was found guilty of obstruction.

Thus, according to a recent complaint from Norway, Kläbo did not block but the case was normal cross-country skiing.

According to the press release, Norway does not want to sanction any skiers for the case, but will restore the original finish order.

In this way, gold would be returned to Kläbol, Iversen would receive silver and Bolshunov bronze.

The Fis Appeals Board has 72 hours after the complaint has been sent to make a final decision.

The three-member commission is chaired by Karl-Heinz Lickert, director of the FIS Regulatory Committee.

He shall elect two other members to accompany him from the rules committee.

The identities of these members will not be disclosed to the public.

Norwegian or Russian members will not be elected to the Commission for natural reasons.

If the appeal is not upheld, Norway could continue its appeal round by taking the matter to the court of Fis.

The highest possible decision-maker would be the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), but so far such an appeal has been taken only once in history.

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