In a long-awaited uproar interview, Duchess Meghan said she suffered in the British court from loneliness and several other difficulties that eventually drove her to suicide.

The BBC reports on this, among other things.

- I didn't want to live anymore, Meghan revealed.

Meghan told interview show host Oprah Winfrey that she had asked the “royal institution” for help with her problems, but she said the request was denied.

- Did you have suicidal thoughts?

Winfrey asked.

- Yes.

I thought it would have solved everyone’s problems, Meghan replied.

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Meghan said at the beginning of the interview that she knew little in advance about the royal daily life.

- I didn't fully understand what the work was about.

Meghan said she was still naive when she joined the family.

It became clear to him that fairy-tale perceptions of royal life are very different from reality.

- You are judged on their perceptions, but you live in reality, Meghan said.

Meghan recounted how life in the royal family was deeply lonely.

He regretted not always being able to even go to lunch with his friends because the media followed him so closely.

- I'm everywhere, but I do not have any.

Meghan also talked about her first meeting with Queen Elizabeth.

Before meeting, Harry asked Meghan if he knew how to do it.

Meghan said she answered the question with an unbelieving “What?” Wonder.

- I genuinely thought it was just something to be done outside the family.

But it became clear to Meghan that it was not just a formality done for outsiders.

"But it's your grandmother," I told Harry.

Harry replied, “she’s a queen,” Meghan repeated.

- It was the first time I started to understand how it works.

In other respects, however, the first meeting with the queen went well, according to Meghan.

- The queen has always treated me wonderfully.

Meghan also revealed that she had married Harry at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor three days before the actual wedding.

She denied rumors that she had made the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine cry at the wedding rehearsals.

According to Meghan, things went just the other way around, meaning “Kate” made her cry.

Meghan described the distortion of the case in the media as a “turning point”.

He said he felt silenced at the court and was left unprotected.

“They were willing to lie to protect other family members, but they weren’t ready to lie to protect me and my husband,” Meghan blurted out.

However, Meghan stressed that she wants to differentiate between members of the royal family and the people who run the institution.

Of the actual family members, he had little to say.