According to the BBC and the Daily Mail, Duchess Meghan has revealed to presenter Oprah Winfrey in a long-awaited uproar what has really happened between her and Duchess Catherine.

The cooled intervals between the Duchesses became a topic of conversation after the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry.

Catherine and Prince William’s children George and Charlotte were the groom and the bridesmaid at the May 2018 wedding.

Meghan was alleged to have made Catherine cry in Charlotte's costume, which would have left Catherine out of the place with tears.

Now Duchess Meghan was able to share her own point of view.

Meghan revealed that, in fact, the situation was quite the opposite of what was made public.

- Was there a situation where Kate was crying?

Oprah asked directly.

- No no.

The opposite happened.

And I’m not saying this with contempt for anyone because it was a really heavy week.

Kate was out of her mind for some reason, but she handled the situation well and later apologized, Meghan revealed.

The wedding of the Duchess of Sussex was celebrated on May 19, 2018. In the background are the grooms and flower girls as well as the Duchess Catherine and the rest of the royal family. Photo: Neil Hall / Reuters

Meghan admitted she was in “shock” because for the rest of the world, the situation seemed the complete opposite.

- However, the subject was correct, it was about the girls' dresses.

Kate was upset for some reason, and it made me cry and really hurt my feelings, Meghan describes.

Meghan said the matter was settled because Catherine sent her flowers and a card in which she apologized.

- He acted just as I would have done after hurting someone.

He took responsibility for the matter, Meghan said.

The relationship between brothers and duchesses has spoken in recent years.

Now Meghan and Harry have given their views on the matter in an uproar interview with Oprah Winfrey.Photo: Tolga Akmen

The Duchess did not want to recall the matter in too much detail, as she has already left the conflict behind.

- It wasn't a confrontation, it was probably ... I don't know if it's fair to talk about the details, because he apologized, Meghan explains.

However, he admits that it took time to deal with the matter because few knew the real edge of the matter.

- It was hard to get over the fact that I was accused of something I didn't do, but that happened to me, Meghan says.

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