The World Championships in Oberstdorf ended in a huge scandal when the crash of Alexander Bolshunov of Russia and Johannes Hösflot Kläbo of Norway were seen at the end of the men’s 50-kilometer royal journey.

Bolshunov's pole broke, Kläbo skied to the finish first.

The Norwegian star was rejected after lengthy deliberation by the jury.

Norway lodged a counter-protest, which was rejected.

As a result, Bolhunov rose to World Cup silver.

The situation began when Kläbo, who came from behind, drove to the finish line alongside Bolshunov, who had accelerated at the top, just to the right of the track.

Contact was made between the skiers, and the Russian's rod broke.

Kläbo apparently derailed in a hurry outside the track markings.

Although Kläbo was rejected, Bolshunov with this knowledge is not becoming a champion.

Due to a stick break, Emil Iversen from Norway reached the finish line before him.

Bolshunov originally finished third in the finish.

When word of Kläbo’s rejection came, Bolshunov burst into tears, Russian reports.

Violently disappointed, Aleksandr Bolshunov commented on what happened in Yle's interview through an interpreter.

According to Bolshunov, he wanted the rightmost track because he got the best pace towards the goal from there.

- When I was changing on the right-hand lane, contact with Kläbo took place.

Because of this contact, my rod broke, Bolshunov said.

The case has had time to be compared to what happened at the Lahti World Cup, where Bolshunov and Joni Mäki clashed.

According to Bolshunov, this is not the case.

Bolshunov gave an interview before the news of Kläbo's rejection came.

The interpreter conveyed the Russian view if the parts were to the contrary.

- If Aleksandr had been on Kläbo's farm in this situation, he would have been 100% abandoned, the interpreter shared Yle's Bolshunov thoughts.

Bolshunov reiterated that his wand broke from contact with Kläbo.