Golf superstar Tiger Woods, recently involved in a car accident, didn’t remember driving an accident drive.

This came to light when authorities asked Woods how this ended up out of the way in the February accident.

The case emerges from a report by the Los Angeles Police Department, reported by USA Today and the Guardian, among others.

- At the crash site, the driver said that he does not remember anything about the accident and does not even remember driving a car.

He was asked the same questions later in the hospital, and even then he did not remember any incident, the report said.

A car driven by Woods crashed to the side of the road and spun around several times based on the tracks.

No braking marks were found at the crash site.

Authorities are investigating whether Woods was at risk of endangering traffic safety, for example by using a cell phone.

He was alone in the car.

On February 23, Woods suffered serious injuries to his legs while being driven out.

Injuries could threaten 45-year-old Woods ’career progression.