The Finnish men's message team was unable to reach the World Championships in Skiing after a 12-year break.

Joni Mäki, who froze violently with the anchor section, brought Finland to the finish line in sixth place, losing to France, which had skied for about 40 seconds.

Ristomatti Hakola and Iivo Niskanen explained the traditional sections in style.

Perttu Hyvärinen had to bend a little, but Mäki still got from the good positions to the anchor section.

For a long time, it seemed that the other teams in the bronze battle, Sweden, France, and Switzerland, betrayed the perfect seam to the tensile Mägi.

It happened differently.

Jules Lapierre of France tore off the last run on a relentless ascent, and the others were left licking their keys.

The ragged Mäki also dropped from the pace of Sweden and Switzerland.

IS ski expert Harri Kirvesniemi guessed the worst already on the morning of the message day.

The disappointment was still great when the medal finally fell out of Finland's reach.

Finland should have escaped with the traditional sections, as the French and Swedish free goers were already known to be stronger.

- As soon as I looked at the weather in Ober in the morning, I knew that at least it did not favor Finland.

The heavy weather did not suit our quadruple, and secondly, escaping the traditional sections was almost impossible in that weather.

Yes, this was a big disappointment.

According to Kirvesniemi, the brutal worker's weather was particularly devastating for Mäki, who anchored in Finnish silver in January at the Salpausselä World Cup.

- Joni is not at his best in heavy terrain and especially in such a weather.

The pace of the anchor section seemed quiet, but in reality Joni’s acid load was certainly huge when the start of the last lap as Lapierre hit.

- And that blow was so hard that even twice in the top ten in Oberstdorf, he could not answer Poromaa (Swedish anchor, first name William).

In Kirvesniemi's opinion, the Finnish medal seam did not fall into a terrible ski order.

The end result would very likely have been the same, even if Niskanen had skied free and good-natured traditional.

- The anchor section solved practically everything today, and that weather would not have been very favorable for Iivo's skating either.

Joni might have gotten on the trip a few seconds ahead of the others at best, but they would have chased him quickly.

The accusing finger thus points exclusively to Mother Nature.

- Keli was by no means on our side.

For French long-distance workers, it was almost perfect, Kirvesniemi rains.

Norway celebrated the victory of the men’s message.

Russia was second and France third.