The US House of Representatives decided on Wednesday to cancel a scheduled meeting on Thursday immediately due to indications of a new storming of the parliament building.

Capitol police reported earlier in the day that they received signals that an unknown militia is planning to attack the building.

The lower house would vote on a law for police reform on Thursday, but according to a representative of the Democratic Party, it is not justified to meet after the warnings from the Capitol police.

According to




, March 4 is circled in agendas of far-right conspiracy thinkers, because former President Donald Trump would be sworn in as president on that day.

The US Senate is still planning to meet on Thursday.

Senators are currently debating President Joe Biden's new corona support package.

On Wednesday, the security of the building was immediately increased.

Since the US Capitol storming on January 6, 5,000 National Guard reservists have been permanently present in the capital Washington.

A high fence has also been placed around the building.

The United States Department of Justice has charged more than 300 people since the Capitol storm.

Five people were killed in the attack, including a police officer.

Among the accused are members of the armed militias The Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.