Authorities in New Zealand have issued a tsunami warning for parts of the country for the second time in hours after new, violent earthquakes hit hundreds of miles from the coast.

Residents were startled in the night from Thursday to Friday after an initial alarm was issued.

The warning followed an earthquake near the east coast of the North Island, with a magnitude of 7.3.

Due to the absence of high waves, this warning could be withdrawn after a few hours.

More severe quakes with magnitudes of 7.5 and 8.0 followed, again northeast of the north island.

Tens of thousands of residents would have felt parts of quakes or aftershocks,


news agency writes


This was followed by a new tsunami warning.

The New Zealand National Crisis Team (NEMA) is calling on residents of various areas to preventively bring themselves to safety.

"Take yourself to higher altitudes. Walk or cycle to avoid traffic jams," said NEMA.

The crisis team emphasizes that during an evacuation call, various corona measures, such as an imposed quarantine obligation, will temporarily lapse.

Residents of the archipelago for the city of Whangarei and the area between Matata and Tolaga Bay have been called to leave.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has addressed residents on her Instagram page.

"I hope everyone is okay, especially on the east coast where they felt the full force of the earthquakes."

The first small waves would have reached the coast of New Zealand by now.

NEMA states on Twitter that it is closely monitoring the situation.

The warning is expected to remain in effect for several hours.