The two men suspected of preparing an attack on the life of criminal Ahmet G. were released on Tuesday before the final verdict.

The court does this, because the expected prison sentence will not be longer than the period in which they have been in custody.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had demanded more than six years in prison, because Rosello van T. and Patrick van MJ had been keeping an eye on G. for a long time, according to the prosecutors, with the aim of having him murdered.

The men would not only have monitored the living environment of the intended victim, but also his immediate environment in order to get close to G.

A lot of footage has been found with the two suspects that seems to confirm the assumption.

However, the defense has successfully argued that it is not at all certain that their clients were preparing for a murder.

The court also seems to hold this conviction and by law suspects should not be held unnecessarily if the sentence does not seem to exceed the time in remand.

The two men are also charged with money laundering.

The court will give a final decision on March 29.