Andy Ruiz’s junior story is one of the great surprises of the boxing world from recent years.

The Mexican-American striker also became known as a heavyweight for its rather round shapes.

He rose to world fame after beating Anthony Joshua in the summer of 2019.

Ruiz’s balance in the professional circles is handsome: 33 wins and just two losses.

He lost all the championship belts he won from Joshua in a rematch in December of that year.

After that, he is no longer in the ring.

The next match is against Chris Arreola in the spring.

During the rematch, Ruiz weighed a plush 128 pounds.

That’s a significant weight for an 188-centimeter.

Ruiz admitted his weakness to Snickers chocolate bars during the match.

Now Ruiz, 31, has released footage of his preparations for the encounter with Arreola, and the images show a much slimmer wrestler.

By the beginning of the year, the weight had dropped to over 10 pounds, and the condition was rising by rumbling.

One reason for the transformation is the change of coach.

Ruiz’s new coach is Jorge Capetillo, who has put Ruiz’s training and lifestyle into a new faith.

Ruiz admitted to Joshua after losing that he made a mistake in preparing for the rematch.

After months of partying demanded its taxes.

- I should have listened to the advice of others then.

I started training too late.

Three months of partying and having fun affected things.

What can I say?

Shouldn’t have taken all that weight to the waist, Ruiz admitted after the Joshua remake.

Ruiz has said that his goal in time is to get to face Joshua again and challenge this again from the championship belts as well.