The well-being of young adults, pupils, students, the self-employed and people with a migrant background has declined in the past year, the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) concluded in the report

Een jaar met Corona on



The experts emphasize that the crisis affects everyone, but that other groups of Dutch people were almost as satisfied with life as in years before the pandemic.

The experts also conclude that the well-being of corona patients and people whose loved ones became (seriously) ill or died.

This also applied to Dutch people who realized that an infection could have major consequences for their health.

According to the SCP, the pandemic had a major impact on the lives of young adults, and in particular the group of young people with a low socio-economic status.

They were hit on several levels;

For example, countless young adults lost their jobs or income, while the number of social contacts was also severely curtailed by corona measures.

"For this group, these contacts are important for the development of their identity," argue the experts.

The experiences they would normally gain would later lead to "successful social encounters", argues the SCP.

The planning bureau points out that vulnerabilities that the Netherlands already had have been magnified by the corona virus.

This would reveal the risks of the flexible labor market.

In addition, vulnerable home situations would have had additional negative consequences for children, because they had to follow home education due to the closure of schools.

They can be hindered in their later life by already incurred learning disadvantages.

"In the long run, this can lead to a lower level of education and therefore smaller opportunities on the labor market," said the SCP.

The experts call for a quick recovery policy to fix the problems.

Corona measures created tensions between groups

The SCP notes that corona measures also led to tensions between certain groups.

This would be because everyone had to comply with the measures to protect civilians, while the elderly and people with vulnerable health were especially at risk.

However, young people and healthy people were asked to make the same sacrifices, which had major social and financial consequences for them.

That would have created "more friction" between them and the vulnerable during the second corona wave, according to the SCP based on respondents.

The stress felt would nevertheless have been "relatively low".

Behavioral experts and Dutch mental health care have previously established in conversation with that the effects of corona measures have a major effect on people's well-being.

Dutch mental health care providers, among others, are very concerned about the long-term effects of the current lockdown, for example.