Norwegian ski queen Therese Johaug on Tuesday irresistibly rolled into the women’s 10km freestyle world champion.

In Finnish terms, Riitta-Liisa Roponen, who skied nicely for the tenth place, was an happy success in the afternoon.

- Absolutely amazing.

I'm so happy.

In Seefeld (World Championships 2019) I cried out in disappointment, but now I cry in joy.

I skied just insanely well.

I got a lot of spam messages yesterday, and I knew black was proud.

And that I can ski this year’s maximum performance in these races!

Roponen was pleased with his great performance in Yle's interview.

Roponen, 42, was allowed to sit in the leader's chair for a while, as he was at the top of the race when he came to the finish line.

The race was held as a temporary start.

- When I heard that there was one (director's chair) here, I suddenly had to run there.

I knew Ragnhild (Haga, a Norwegian skier) was coming from behind hard, so I ran there in the dice so I had time to sit there for a while.

When I was sitting there, I was very proud of myself, Roponen said happily.

In Yle's interview, Roponen also recalled the 2005 Oberstdorf World Championships, when he won silver in pair sprint with Pirjo Muranen.

- Last night I watched that Pirjo and my message here in 2005. That feeling when there were 25,000 cheering for us here.

I also took tricks from there.

At this age ... I guess my name can't be said without it four in a row.

After all, it's a huge performance, Roponen said.

Of the other Finns, Krista Pärmäkoski was 13th, Laura Mononen 24th and Anne Kyllönen 39th.