Corona dogs prepared by Customs are not being introduced, says Helsingin Sanomat.

According to the magazine, the reason is that dog-related design was left out of infectious diseases.

The dogs were to work in cross-border traffic, sniff passengers in the flow of travel, and pick up potential carriers of coronavirus disease.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM), there is insufficient evidence that a dog recognizes a coronavirus infection.

STM's medical advisor Anni Virolainen-Julkunen tells HS that the mention of coronary dogs was omitted from the law because there is no medical research evidence for the method.

There have been reports in the past of studies showing that dogs have detected corona infections quickly.

It was decided in May 2020 to train Customs corona dogs.

The project has been implemented in cooperation with STM.

According to HS, Customs began training its own dogs in November with two dogs, each with their own handler.

A pilot experiment on olfactory dogs was carried out at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at the end of last year.

Kössi, Miina, ET and Valo, a coroner dog trained by the Finnish Odor Separation Association, received the title of special hero dog from the Finnish Kennel Club in October.

Nose Academy is still doing corona dog testing at the airport.

The City of Vantaa and the University of Helsinki are also involved.

With these prospects, the agreement on the use of corona dogs at the airport is valid until June, HS says.