The Oberstdorf World Championships on Saturday saw events that provoked top performances and after-games.

The IS jury will go through the events of the third day of the race in its personal style.

This time, the jury includes journalists Pekka Holopainen and Tatu Myllykoski and IS's ski expert Harri Kirvesniemi.

Pekka Holopainen

Star: Alexander Bolshunov is then the best male skier and handyman in the world who has developed at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

It withstood five Norwegian presses brilliantly and miraculously only took its first valuable gold.

Story: Johanna Matintalo told her suffering story colorfully.

When the dull edges did not allow the slippers to even ride on the steepest slopes of the traditional, Matintalo wondered if a four-container should have gone.

It went hand in hand.

Moka: Frida Karlsson chased behind Therese Johaug.

When the duo collapsed, only Karlsson's wand broke, which was right and reasonable for Johaug, who was incompetent.

While the stickman was making the first attempt at a hud, Johaug's back escaped from the Swede within three kilometers of the unreachable.

Style: Hans Christer Holund is a great freestyle skier and a sympathetic gentleman.

With his brutal and captivating, record-long curiosity, he ensured that the combination competition was not won, at least by Johannes Hösflot Kläbo, who was peeing behind the top group and avoiding work.

Surprise: Australia's Tuva Bygrave lost to Matintalo in just four minutes and Brazilian Jaqueline Mouraok in just six minutes.

It’s not really a huge 40-minute race compared to the starting points hugely.

Tatu Myllykoski

Star: Bolshunov finally got the coveted World Cup gold.

And in what way!

The Russian star raged in the bow right from the bang and froze the final letters of the Norwegian challengers one by one.

The stadium jump from the stadium was not quite spectacular (read: chaotic) than Petter Northug in his time, but it was effective.

Story: Iivo Niskanen was not convincing, even though he always showed his growing hunger for gold with his fast-paced play.

It is still pointless to bury or even question the championship aspirations.

When Niskanen celebrated fifty Olympic gold in 2018, he was only 19th in the skiathlon.

Moderate, Iivo is still coming.

Moka: Swedish star couple Frida Karlsson – William Poromaa was responsible for Saturday's most spectacular blunders.

Karlsson, who ran for silver, ran over Johaugin and Poromaa lost his skis in the middle of the race.

“Good luck in love, bad luck in skiing,” the male party summed up in the Swedish press.

Style: Bolshunov has been described in the media as a stone-faced, even unhappy Russian roller.

On Saturday, however, he seemed liberated by his joy in his golden ventilation.

At the World Championships, the “Bolshun” gloves have also attracted attention: black on the left and poison green on the right.

Is there still a rogue-like lip scythe behind the mirror glass?

Surprise: Vilma Nissinen skied in silence for 22nd in her adult World Cup debut.

The 23-year-old skier is ranked only once higher at the mc level - 16th in the Tour de Skin sprint just over a year ago.

Nissinen's performance was the happiest surprise of a depressed Finnish day.

Harri Kirvesniemi

Star: Bolshunov.

Redeemed expectations and rose to the highest podium for the first time in the championships.

Had learned a great lesson from the tactical mistakes of the Lahti MC Games skiathlon and started to chastise the toughest Norwegian hikers at a high pace in good time.

Story: Johaug, who has experienced everything and won everything, is still able to keep the challengers behind him.

Johaug has been able to develop both the strengths and weaknesses required to win, which the challengers have occasionally encountered.

Would there be anything to learn from this in Finnish skiing?

Should we also be discussing things other than practice lessons?

Moka: The thoughts of Poromaa, who was in the top group, seemed to be a girlfriend in the silver medal of Frida Karlsson in the exchange of skis.

As a result of negligent operation, the second bandage remained open, and the ski went its own way at the beginning of the skating section.

The tip escaped from Poromaa during the ski search trip, but still finished well in nineth place in the finish.

Style: Pulling oxygen scavengers on ascent sections in both men’s and women’s skiathlon.

The same athletes would very likely have climbed to the podium, even if the race had been skied with a temporary start.

Rare in modern skiing.

There is no normal medal rainfall available for firefighters and men in Germany.

Surprise: Frida Karlsson's action after a fall and a broken rod.

The Swede, who often collapsed at a superficial start, did not ruin his race by rushing after Johaug and Andersson at a brisk pace.

Surprisingly, Karlsson tempered himself and rose at a steady pace all the way to silver.