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On Thursday, the RIVM reported 5,048 new positive corona tests, which is more than the average in the past seven days (4,487).

It is also the largest number of registered infections in more than one month.

The total number of corona-related deaths increased by 33 to 15,439.

Not all of these patients have died in the past 24 hours, because there may be a delay between the date of death and the reporting date.

During the past week, between four and five thousand positive tests were reported almost every day, with the exception of Tuesday (3,846).

NU.nl looks at the weekly average, because it gives a better picture than the usually fluctuating daily figures.

The last time that more than five thousand positive corona tests were registered within 24 hours was more than one month ago (23 January).

The cabinet announced some relaxation of the corona measures on Tuesday evening.

The reins are mainly celebrated because the well-being of the Dutch must be increased, said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

That is why, for example, secondary education is reopened and almost all contact professions are allowed to return to work.

Catering entrepreneurs and gyms are disappointed that their branches have to remain closed for the time being.

The entrepreneurs have announced actions to enforce more relaxation.

Mayors, who are required to enforce corona rules according to the Ministry of Justice, have warned entrepreneurs about the applicable corona measures.

Averages for the past week

  • Thursday, February 25: 4,487

  • Wednesday, February 24: 4,425

  • Tuesday, February 23: 4,282

  • Monday, February 22: 4,124

  • Sunday, February 21: 3,935

  • Saturday, February 20: 3,759

  • Friday, February 19: 3,699

Number of positive corona tests per day

Source: RIVM © LocalFocus