When the winter weather stings your cheeks, when you come home, you feel like you are full of tasty and tasty food.

The ever-favorite minced meat bends in many ways, and sometimes it’s worth trying some new way of making it.

This recipe is lush and wonderfully easy - the meal is ready in an instant.

Succulent and simple filling

Known as a classic dish, Cordon bleu, or Swiss cut, is traditionally made from veal roast.

In its everyday version, you can gladly straighten the particle, but the tasty basic elements are also in place in this recipe: serving ham and full-bodied cheese.

This dish does not need many ingredients.

The Swiss cut already as the name suggests that juju is cheese.

In the steak filling, the black pepper melted cheese is a great counterpart to the serving ham.

Pepper cheese gives just the right edge, but is still sweetly succulent.

Everyone likes this food, and not too much time is wasted on cooking.

The steaks have time to spin, even though hunger is already a little stomach-hungry.

Casual Cordon bleu

4 doses

400 g ground beef, fat 10%

½ teaspoon of salt

4 slices of serving ham

½ pkt (à 250 g) Valio Koskenlaskija® black pepper processed cheese

For frying

Valio Oivariini® running

• Divide the minced meat into four parts and pat on baking paper into thin sheets.

Season with salt.

• Place half a slice of ham in the middle of the plates (the ham should be smaller than a minced meat plate), a slice of rafters about 1 cm thick and another half slice of ham.

• Lift the edges of the minced meat plate over the fillings and shape into a steak.

• Bake over medium heat in the fat on both sides for about 5 minutes.

Allow to set for 5 minutes.

Valio Koskenlaskija® black pepper - a strong effect on food

  • The history of Valio Koskenlaskija processed cheeses dates back to 1933, when Koskenlaskija was launched in the same packaging as today.

  • Valio Koskenlaskija is Finland's most beloved processed cheese.

  • Rafting melted cheese easily has a strong effect on food, and no other spices are needed at best.

    The rafters of black pepper have a strong black pepper flavor.

  • Black pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world, and now it spices Finland's favorite melted cheese.

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