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'Cabinet wants to test primary school teachers throughout the country'

The cabinet wants to test primary school teachers throughout the country for corona as a trial in the next three months, even if they have no complaints, insiders tell the


news agency 


The trial will initially start at a limited number of schools, but will be expanded to a national scale as soon as possible.

Teachers take the quick test on their own or go to a commercial test street.

During the pilot, it is examined which of those methods works best, or whether a combination is the best.

It is also looking at how the experiment can be extended to secondary education.

How much money the trial will cost would not yet be known.

Primary schools have been reopened under strict conditions since 8 February.

There are several pilots in education, with which the cabinet hopes to gain insight into how infections can be detected quickly while schools can still remain open.

For example, until the end of March, a study in secondary education into rapid tests after an infection.

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No relaxation for the culture and events sector yet

The culture and events sector, such as pop venues, theaters, museums and other cultural organizations, must keep their doors closed for the time being.

It is not yet known when they will be allowed to reopen.

The Association of Dutch Music Venues and Festivals (VNPF) had hoped for more perspective for the sector during the press conference, in which Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge announced

some relaxation

of the corona measures.

"That is not necessarily the case, we understand that this is not always possible immediately. But it is not clear in the medium term either", says director Berend Schans.

"We still don't know what can and cannot be done in the summer. If that remains unclear, such a guarantee fund makes less sense in the short term."

Schans therefore argues for "more and faster vaccinations".

Rutte called some relaxation, maintaining the curfew and keeping catering and cultural institutions closed "the way that hopefully leads to a summer with far fewer restrictions through testing and vaccination".

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The most important corona news from Tuesday, February 23


  • The Netherlands has reached the phase where 

    more risks

     must be taken with the corona virus.

    That said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a press conference on Tuesday evening.

  • That is why a

    number of relaxation was

    announced on


    secondary schools

     will partly open from 1 March and 


     will then be accessible to customers by appointment.

    Almost all contact professions are also allowed to go back to work.



     will be extended by two weeks.

    An overview of the easing 


     be read here.

  • The

    announced relaxation

    was called a '

    political decision


    by RIVM top woman Aura Timen


    According to Timen, the scope for relaxation from the point of view of virus control is "very small".

  • This

    is because almost thirty thousand positive tests were reported to



    in the past week.

    The health institute speaks of a 

    third corona wave

     in the weekly update.

  • The

    first results of the vaccination campaign

    also became clear on Tuesday:

     fewer positive tests were administered


    nursing homes

    , and the number of corona-related deaths also decreased.


  • Vaccine maker AstraZeneca

     expects that it will be able to deliver only half of the promised vaccines to the European Union in the months of April, May and June, a European source told Reuters news agency on Tuesday.

  • According to


    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said

     during a meeting with her Christian Democratic party members that the country is facing a third corona wave.

  • Airlines and travel agents in England are

     reporting a wave of air travel bookings since Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented a plan to phase out corona measures.

  • Suriname

     started vaccinating the population on Tuesday.

    First it is the turn of healthcare workers who have direct contact with corona patients.

    The vaccination campaign was kicked off in the Academic Hospital in Paramaribo. 

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