The business cycle in Korona-Finland is changing rapidly.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the situation in Satakunta was calm, one of the best in Finland.

Nearly two and a half hundred coronary infections have now been found at Rauma Shipyard, and the entire yard's operations have come to a standstill after 1,000 employees have been quarantined.

Residents of the province are recommended to spend time for the next three weeks only between family and close circle.

All gatherings are prohibited.

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The yard's operations are frozen when all personnel are quarantined. Photo: Tatu Lertola

In Rauma, the recommendation has also been followed if you are looking at a street scene.

Even in the downtown area, the streets are almost empty, at times even deserted.

The market parliament of a few men standing in the market square of Old Rauma changes only a few words before disintegrating in different directions.

The two stalls in the market are rarely visited by customers.

- It's a quiet season anyway, but it's calmer here now.

As you can see, there is no congestion, says market trader Jaana.

Monday is quiet for the coffee seller. Photo: Tatu Lertola

He has time to talk because no one’s coffee tooth is knocked out even when lunch time is near.

- Yes, this has become more cautious, especially when the situation came about.

Hopefully everyone knows how to stay quarantined, he says.

No people move in the market ... Photo: Tatu Lertola

... and not here ... Photo: Tatu Lertola

... and not here either. Picture: Tatu Lertola

The shopping center is also embracing its emptiness. Photo: Tatu Lertola

About 800 of the yard's 1,000 employees are foreigners.

According to Hannu Nordqvist, the leading chief physician of the City of Rauma, the probability of exposure to the coronavirus has been increased by group accommodation of employees and commuting to work in group transport.

The people of Rauma talked about by Ilta-Sanomat are cautious in their statements, but many have noticed that the use of masks has not become more common among foreigners in the same way as among Finns.

Some are wondering how to react if the yard’s workers show up in traffic in the near future.

After a small market and a shopping mall, it’s time to head out.

Like the rest of southern Finland, a ski holiday is celebrated in Satakunta, but has the disease situation also expelled the people from the slopes?

The spring field car park is full of cars and there are both sledges and skiers on the move.

There is an ice rink on the ski slope, as well as on the sledding hill next door. Photo: Tatu Lertola

Olli Kares avoids big supermarkets. Photo: Tatu Lertola

- I dare to go skiing.

The track was normally crowded, says Olli Kares, who skipped the 30-kilometer run.

The situation so much has changed normal life that Kares is now avoiding crowds.

- I live in Eurajoki but I do business in Rauma.

I avoid visiting the city now and I don’t like to go to Prisma but I go to a smaller shop, he says.

If the corona situation is the city's number one topic, then the city's pride Rauma Lukko will come second.

The team’s season has gone great and is currently at the top of the league 12 points ahead of HIFK.

- Hopefully the games will be able to continue and Luko's players will stay healthy.

The rest would be a disaster here, market trader Jaana sighs.

So far, there has been no news of illness or exposure from Luko’s camp.

However, the deteriorating disease situation has forced the club to react.

- The problem is a bit that there is no room for blackmail.

Players have always worn masks, and they know how to keep safety gaps and wash their hands, says Kalle Sahlstedt, Luko's sports director.

- When the shipyard situation broke, we had an additional meeting.

Among other things, there was a discussion with which our foreigners also learned to use the Shopping Bag app.

Now it is assumed that the players are practically only at their workplace, i.e. the ice rink, and all other movements are kept to a minimum, i.e. they do not go unnoticed anywhere.

Let's play it safe.

Lock players now spend time either at the ice rink or at home. Photo: Tatu Lertola

According to Sahlstedt's assessment, the disease situation does not shake the overall picture at all.

The whole event area is in a bad situation anyway, and League matches are played without an audience.

- What matters is the attitude of the decision-making bodies in assessing how events can be organized.

If the premise is not to open, no matter how safe the event, then I don’t have high expectations.

Let’s probably go far into the summer before the events open.

However, Sahlstedt is confident that the disease situation in Rauma will improve.

- I think that when we go 2-3 weeks ahead and get this situation under control, here we will return to those normal small infection readings, he estimates.