During Saturday, Finnish football legend Jari Litmanen received congratulations both from Finland and abroad on his 50th anniversary.

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Cross-country skier Iivo Niskanen, who has already traveled to Oberstdorf, Germany for the World Championships starting next Wednesday, also sent his own greetings via Yle Urheil.

- Happy Birthday King!

Greetings from Oberstdorf here, says Niskanen in a video published in the Instagram Stories section of Yle Sport.

- The best ski kilometers are definitely ahead.

It was nice to meet you at the Castle party, all the best, there was a really positive picture of you, Niskanen continues.

Yle Urheil also says on Instagram that Niskanen “took care of the new skis for the birthday hero, now it is good to ski for the new decade”.

Iivo Niskanen sent his congratulations to Jari Litmanen. Photo: Screenshot from Yle Sport's Instagram Stories video.

A couple of hours after Niskanen's congratulations, Litmanen's reply arrived on Yle Sport's Instagram.

The birthday hero replied, of course, with “Litti-thumb”.

Litmanen thanked for the congratulations.

Perhaps Niskanen's gift skis were already in use. Photo: Yle Sport's Instagram Stories.

Yle Sports also previously published a video about the caches of archives on Instagram, from 1992.

At the time, Litmanen was 21 years old.

In the video, he says that “the Dutch style of play is fascinating”.

In the same year, Litmanen moved to Ajax in Amsterdam, with well-known consequences.

Among other things, he became the first Finnish winner of the Football Champions League and the goal king of the Champions League.