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On Wednesday, the cabinet will inject billions into education as compensation for the school closure due to the corona virus.

One of the plans is to start paying students half of the tuition or tuition fees next school year, say sources from


Hague after reports from

De Telegraaf


In total, the cabinet would allocate an amount of 8.5 billion euros over the next 2.5 years to make up for learning disadvantages.

Insiders also say that a large part of the money (6 billion euros) goes to primary, secondary and special education.

Primary schools receive an average of 180,000 euros, for secondary schools this is 1.3 million.

Apart from this, the cabinet would also steer towards a limited reopening of secondary schools on 1 March, writes

De Telegraaf


Outgoing ministers Arie Slob (for Primary and Secondary Education and Media) and Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science) will announce the plans on Wednesday afternoon during a press conference.

Homeschooling has been the norm since Christmas holidays

Slob says in

De Telegraaf on


that the cabinet initially thought it would solve all problems this school year.

"We have passed that moment," said the minister.

Secondary schools, colleges and universities have been closed since mid-December in connection with the outbreak of the British coronavirus variant.

Primary schools and childcare have been physically reopened after a few weeks of closure since 8 February.

During the first corona wave in the spring of last year, all schools also closed for a longer period of time.

Despite the learning disadvantages that secondary school students have incurred as a result of homeschooling, the upcoming central exam will continue as usual.

However, the tests are administered in an adapted form.

This gives students the opportunity to spread their exams and also the possibility of an extra resit.