The Public Prosecution Service (OM) thinks that 22-year-old Sumanta Bansi was killed by Dwarka B. and his son Manodj because she got pregnant by the latter, according to the first pro forma hearing against the men.

"It was a disgrace to Dwarka and family honor was at stake," said the prosecutor.

The young woman came to the Netherlands from Suriname in 2016 to study biomedical sciences at the University of Amsterdam.

That year she also moved in with the B. family in Hoorn, acquaintances of her parents.

In 2017, Bansi turned out to have gotten pregnant by the married 40-year-old Manodj.

Reports to, among others, her dean have revealed that Manodj and his father put the woman under pressure to have an abortion.

In February 2018, Bansi becomes pregnant again and this time she is determined to keep and raise the child.

According to the OM, this "causes disagreement in the household, to say the least".

In an email to her dean, she writes that the house was "noisy again. So I assume they will do the same as last time".

By this the woman refers to the fact that they induced her to have an abortion last time.

Shortly after this, around February 18, 2018, she disappears.

"It was a high-profile conflict situation," said the public prosecutor, who sees a possible motive for a crime in the pregnancy.

"He was aware of the undesirable relationship between his son and her. He could be looked at as head of the family. The pregnancy was a shame for his family."

Manodj discussed throwing away murder weapon '

Shortly after a broadcast of

Opsporing Verzocht

, in which the missing of Bansi is discussed, the police hears in an overheard conversation how Manodj says: "Aiaiai. I just killed her."

He also talks to his brother about a thrown away murder weapon and the two discuss how long it takes for a buried body to decay.

The police believe that Bansi is buried in the Robbenoordbos.

Multiple searches in this large forest in the head of North Holland have not yet led to the find of the woman.

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