The police judge in Den Bosch on Friday sentenced three men to sentences to six months in prison for their involvement in the curfew riots in Eindhoven on January 24.

24-year-old Eindhoven citizen Stanley C. received the highest sentence with six months in prison, two of which are suspended.

C. incited the group by placing himself in front of the group, between the riot police and the protesters.

He was waving his arms and challenging the police.

He grabbed his crotch at the officers and threw stones and a bicycle at the officers.

The man confessed to throwing stones.

The police judge said in the ruling that it was "a kind of war situation" in Eindhoven.

"And you were one of the most active participants in the beginning, a forerunner."

An unconditional prison sentence had been demanded against the man for six months.

Due to personal circumstances, the police judge imposed part of the condition.

Eindhoven citizen Martijn F. (19) gets ten weeks in prison, eight of which are conditional and a community service sentence of 40 hours.

According to the judge, he threw stones, raised his middle finger and scolded officers.

"Downright bastard," said the prosecutor.

Eighteen-year-old Noah S. from Helmond was sentenced to 60 days in prison, of which 48 days on probation, and a 40-hour community service.

He knocked over an umbrella and a rock against a riot bus.

He is released because he has already served the unconditional part of his prison sentence.

Riots started after wiping clean forbidden demonstration

Things went wrong in Eindhoven at the beginning of Sunday afternoon, when the police swept the 18 Septemberplein clean, where about three hundred people took part in a prohibited demonstration.

The police were pelted with stones, fireworks, bicycles and road signs.

A car was set on fire at Central Station, the station was destroyed and shops were looted.

That extended to the center.

Stanley C. no longer took part in the destruction and looting.

He had already been arrested by then.

Earlier this week, rioters from other cities already came before various judges.

The highest sentence so far was ninety days in prison, sixty of which were suspended, for someone involved in riots on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.