Seven-wrestler Maria Huntington opened her hall season in Pirkkahalli, Tampere, by handsome clocking two of her new personal records.

In the 60-meter hurdles, Huntington’s winning time was 8.32, so his record improved by as much as 37-hundredths of a second.

With a smooth 60 meters, Huntington ran 7.73 and improved to a record 24 hundredths.

For comparison: Nooralotta Nezir's 60-meter genuine Finnish record on Friday is 7.92.

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Coach Matti Liimatainen rejoiced at the opening of Huntington's season.

- The start was not special, but the run was sharp.

Rene extension is no funnier.

The smoothie didn't go very badly either, even though the time was 7.70, Liimatainen talked on the website of the Finnish Sports Federation.

- Based on tests, the speed has gone in the right direction.

It may not be directly visible when you have to start from a gun bang, 23-year-old Huntington noted.

The long-distance runners Sara Kuivisto, 29, and Joonas Rinne, 25, opened their season with an excellent time of 1,500 meters at the Helsinki Sports Mill.

Kuivisto was only three hundredths of a second from Finland's hall record, which is Sandra Eriksson's 4.11.89.

The time run by Kuivisto on November 4, 92 is the top result in the world this season.

Previously, the top result of the season was held by German Katharina Trost, who ran on Saturday in Karlsruhe on 4.12.02.

Slope also ran a record time of 3.44.57.

Both Rinne and Kuivisto broke the European Championship limit.

The European Championships will be held in Torun, Poland at the beginning of March.

Sara Kuivisto ran the top of the world season in Helsinki with 1,500 meters.

Photo from last autumn's Sweden match. Photo: Toni Repo

In Oulu, sprinter Samuel Purola opened his season by running 60 meters perfectly: 6.69.

It was below the result limit of the European Championships and fell short of two hundredths of Purola's record.

On Saturday in Jyväskylä, the European Championship limit was 60 meters below Anniina Kortetmaa (7.39) and 60 meters below Ilari Manninen (7.87).

Elmo Lakka, who represents Jyväskylä Field Athletes, has also broken the European Championship limit in the 60-meter fencing before.