More and more entrepreneurs pretend to know the secret of making money quickly and easily.

All you have to do is buy a course from them for thousands of euros.

Why are these so popular right now?

Marketing strategist Milan Lagerwerf wanted to see what was true of all those promises and so he signed up for a free webinar.

He would be told how he could become financially free in five steps "even though you have no knowledge of internet marketing".

The entrepreneur who offered the course says he only works thirty to sixty minutes a day, earning 3,000 euros per month.

In the free webinar, however, he only lifted a tip of the veil.

His method has something to do with dropshipping.

But if you really want to know how it works, you still have to follow the other course, which costs 'only' 2,900 euros.

"What sounds too good to be true, it often is."

Olaf Simonse, director of Money Wise

The course for which you pay a lot of money to get rich quickly is on the rise.

Since the corona crisis, there seem to be even more courses where entrepreneurs tell you the secret, whether it is about bitcoin trading, investing in real estate or dropshipping.

In the latter case, you open a webshop without your own stock, you get products cheaply from China and you sell them on with a lot of margin.

Just a few thousand dollars away from wealth

Lagerwerf sees that especially young people are taking advantage of the courses.

"They see entrepreneurs on social media showing off what they have earned: a villa in Bali or expensive cars. And they explain exactly how it works, for a pittance of the amount you will soon earn."

For the sake of convenience, this 'pittance' often amounts to thousands of euros.

Moreover, the freedom you buy with it seems even more attractive during the corona crisis, says Olaf Simonse, director of Money Wise.

"People scroll through social media all day long or look for extra income now that they have lost their jobs."

'Easy' is the magic word: you only need a laptop, you work little and you simply earn a lot of money.

"But what sounds too good to be true, it often is."

Simonse emphasizes that you also have to achieve a very high return to earn back the money from the course.

"It also applies here: a high return is only possible with a high risk. And you never hear the stories of people who have lost all their investment as a result."

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'That's a myth'

The 'secret' can often be found online for free

Moreover, there is a lot more to dropshipping than just ordering and sending products.

This was evident from various episodes of Tim Hofman's TV program


about companies that use this method.

Unattainable customer service and late deliveries were the rule rather than the exception.

If you want to set up a working webshop, you must be able to do more than just order and forward products.

"It may not be such a nice message, but getting rich quick doesn't really exist."

Olaf Simonse, director of Money Wise

Another point that the courses screen against is 'the secret' that they are going to reveal.

"Information that only they know", explains Oeds-Jan Postma, author of the book

Millionaire with an ordinary job


However, much of the information they provide can be found online for free with a simple search.

"But if you step in as a total layman, it all sounds very wise of course.

"It may not be such a nice message, but getting rich quick doesn't actually exist," concludes Simonse.

Investing, with which you can actually achieve returns, is often focused on the long term, for example.

"So if you have money left over that you don't need in the short term, put it in an investment fund," he recommends.

Ultimately, just like running a web store or investing in real estate, investing is a real profession.

"And so you will have to practice to get better. If you work as a chef and a course is offered that allows you to become a top chef in ten days, then you know it's nonsense. But when it comes to money, people want it. like to believe. "