A dream wedding and the rest of your life together: that's the goal for once.

However, life does not always go on pre-signposted paths.

It so happens that the wedding is canceled in a drop.

We talked earlier about Iina, 33, whose backstage fell shortly before the wedding.

Among other things, the man was badly in debt.

- I realized I was getting married to a narcissist.

Now it’s a shame and I wish we had never met.

However, the past cannot be changed, and I have tried to think so that I could cope with it as well.

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Iina is not the only one in the relationship.

Readers of Ilta-Sanomat tell about their own and their acquaintances' bad experiences.

"A couple of weeks before the wedding I got a phone call ..."

One reader says she has been engaged for seven years.

Karuna Church was already booked, and there was only a week left at the wedding when the future wife received a phone call.

- A woman said she wanted to meet me.

We saw, and she was finally pregnant for my fiancé.

The wedding had to be canceled, but we both forgot to cancel the expensive honeymoon.

After a while, we spent a month fighting in our dream place.

My fiancé did not marry the mother of her child, but had run a third addition to us.

“The bride had met the man of her life at her bachelorette party”

Another reader tells of a friend who got married and is still happy with his partner.

However, the couple who were supposed to be ordained in church before a couple of friends did not do as well.

- Suntio said that he could come to the church to decorate earlier, because the previous wedding was canceled.

The groom had indicated in black that the church was not needed.

The bride had encountered the life of the man in his own bachelorette party.

“The groom had been informed in black that the church was not needed.

The bride had encountered her life in the man's own bachelorette party. ”Photo: Colourbox

Engaged bagged with a man in front of a cafe

The reader of Ilta-Sanomat says that she was engaged and getting married to her female friend until coincidence entered the game.

- I went to the center for things during lunch, and I saw him kissing with a man in front of a cafe.

After that, I gradually began to plan the difference.

I secretly bought another apartment and planned to move fast out of our apartment.

When a female friend told me to go to her friend for a day, I emptied the apartment of my own belongings with friends at a quick pace.

Then I informed him that I knew he was cheating and that I would take the resignation.

I probably got 60 calls a day from my ex.

I did not answer.

The difference before the wedding waltz

The musicians performing at the wedding have seen one and the other.

Here is one of the stories.

- A well-known musician said that once the wedding couple divorced before they had time to start playing.

“Once upon a time, the wedding couple divorced before she had time to start playing.” Photo: Colourbox

"Man or Double Life"

One reader tells of a friend’s unfortunate relationship.

A friend who had a child with the man ended up canceling the wedding the week before the wedding when the truth was revealed.

- A Man or a Double Life.

When my friend was not at home, another woman lived in their home.

This other woman knew that the man was busy and getting married.

In retrospect, I heard that also this new woman has received a taste of his own medicine.

That man is not a one-woman man, not even married.

"Good party though"

One of the readers recalls the event a long time ago.

The relative withdrew from the marriage at the altar.

- However, the bride asked the wedding guests for the party, because all the food and others had already been paid for.

The groom or his relatives did not participate.

A good party came, though.

A few months later, the maiden was in the same situation with another man and that’s when the man wanted to.

The union lasted 60 years.

"There was a difference"

Many get married when a child announces their result.

Again, this was done when the girlfriend became pregnant.

- At the maternity ward, a surprise awaited a friend when the child did not look quite Finnish, unlike his parents.

There was a difference.

"We are still happily together"

Fortunately, several stories are happy.

Readers of Ilta-Sanomat say that unions where people have been married at the very beginning of a relationship can also succeed.

- After less than two months of dating, we got engaged and got married before the first anniversary.

It is now 36 years behind us and we are still happily together.

Sure, over the years we have twisted our hands no matter where, but solutions have always been found.

"The relationship goes better than then"

This reader also says that she was engaged less than a year after the relationship began and married six months after that.

- It's been a dozen years now.

We committed then.

We both promised a lifelong marriage at our wedding.

That is, the words "until death" were included in the question words, by the will of both.

There are two alternative questions in the marriage formula, one with those words included and the other not.

The relationship is going better now than it was then.

We have gradually come to know each other and to act according to each other's current wishes.

Have you married soon after starting a relationship?

How did it happen to you?

Comment below.